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A Young New Nation Essay

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The colonies, Indians, and slavery. All these names put together one thought, "A young new nation". The colonies were divided into three parts. The northern, middle, and southern colonies. Slavery widely existed in these colonies. Although it was extremely unreasonable in the north. The origins of the "Great Awakening", reasons for the French and Indian war, the conditions after the Treaty of Paris, and the American Revolution. These are all important key points in the history of the Colonial times.The characteristics of the Northern, Middle and Southern Colonies are both very different and very similar. In the North several crops per small farms were considered cash crops. The cold winters and rocky land limited them to these small farms. People made rum, harvested fish, made meat products, and sawed lumber. These were the thriving industries. Colonist also made very large amounts of iron. The colonist built one third of all the British ships by the 1770s. Merchants were considered one of the most powerful groups of people in the North. The northern colonies' societies were made up of very different people and groups. English, Dutch, Germans, Irish, Catholics, Quakers and Scots just to name a few. Women had very hard working responsibilities. But very little rights. Women had to serve food, clean clothes, sew, make candles and soap, and religion and law kept women under their husband's control. A woman could not vote, enter into contracts, own or sell property, or keep wages. Only women that were single or widows could run their own business. One thing that sets the north apart from the middle and southern colonies is that there was hardly any slavery.Like the North, the middle colonies produced many cash crops per farm instead of a single large crop. In New York and Pennsylvania farmers raised animals and many different crops. Such as cattle, wheat, corn and hogs. The middle colonies produced so much food that they sold the extras to the West Indies. Some of the economic activities in the middle colonies were furs, glass, shoes, beer, copper, paper, and trade. Trade expanded quickly in the middle colonies. Thus causing cities to grow. City streets grew very crowded. People walked around on foot and horseback. Firewood and clean water was rare. Diseases and fire spread quickly and easily due to the fact that building were built closely together and garbage and human excrement were everywhere. There was also the problem of poverty. "Children were brought up in Idleness and Ignorance" In the south everything was about agriculture. IN Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina, planters grew tobacco. South Carolina and Georgia harvested rice and indigo as cash crops. In the south plantations were brought up and developed instead of towns. The south developed mainly as a rural society. They saw no need for bakeries and markets. The south was made up of diverse groups. Germans, Scots, and Irish migrated to the south and raised farms and livestock. Like...

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