A New Non Invasive Test For Food Based Allergies

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A New Non-Invasive test for Food Based Allergies

Food allergy and intolerance is described as a wide range of adverse reactions to foods and in 2010 an expert panel, sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, published guidelines for diagnosis and management of food allergies in the United States. The four categories of immune-mediated adverse food reactions are IgE-mediated, non-IgE-mediated, mixed-IgE- and non-IgE-mediated (Skypala, 2011). Food allergies, are also defined as an adverse immune response to food proteins, which affect about 6% of young children and 3% to 4% of adults. These food based allergic reactions, or non-IgE-mediated allergies, cause a variety of symptoms involving the skin, gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory tract (Sicherer, 2006). These allergies are increasingly prevalent in the developmental world and some people develop potentially fatal systemic allergic reaction, termed anaphylaxis, within seconds or minutes of exposer to the allergen (Sampson,2004,805).
Not only, though, can allergic reactions be caused directly, but also indirectly via kissing which is relatively common, 5.3% to 12% (Galli, 2008). Commonly the allergic reaction was documented shortly after the partner ingested the food. If it were a kiss on the cheek the reaction would stay more local to the area. Furthermore passionate kissing usually caused more significant reactions, like anaphylaxis (Maloney, 2006).
With allergies becoming increasingly prevalent in the developmental world, the reactions becoming more severe, and as more possible ways to come in contact with the allergens are discovered the importance of learning about food allergies increases. Therefore educating patients to avoid contact with the allergens is very significant, but also educating the patients to know that they can come in contact with the allergen indirectly through spit. Caused by kissing or sharing of utensils, straws, cups, and other items (Maloney, 2006).
Even so, food is essential to life, a source of pleasure, and to some a cultural identity. Most people ingest around three meals a day along with snacks and some food social gatherings. Consequently it is not surprising that it causes so much stress in an individual and its family when the individual believes they have a food allergy (Sampson, 1999). That is another reason why food allergies need to be easily identifiable.
What is currently being done?
Currently when evaluating a patient for food allergens a comprehensive examination of their history and a physical examination is conducted to consider a wide degree of possible differences for diagnosis. The history could determine the possible food, auxiliary factors, and reaction consistency without the use of an invasive test. In...

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