A New Song How A Hobby Influenced My Outlook On Life Common App Essay Essay

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Price? ?1
Up? ?against? ?the? ?wall? ?in ? ?my? ?living? ?room? ?sits? ?an? ?one? ?hundred ? ?year? ?old ? ?piano,? ??Paige?
as? ?my ? ?family? ?refers? ?to? ?it,? ?the ? ?golden? ?letters? ?engraved? ?right? ?in? ?the? ?middle ? ?of? ?its? ?face.? ?No
one? ?in? ?my ? ?family ? ?plays,? ?or? ?ever? ?has,? ?until? ?now.
When? ?I ? ?was ? ?a? ?little? ?girl,? ?I ? ?would ? ?perch? ?with? ?my? ?knees? ?on? ?the? ?bench,? ?recklessly
slamming? ?my ? ?little ? ?fingers? ?all? ?over? ?the? ?keys.? ?I? ?begged? ?my? ?parents? ?over? ?and? ?over? ?again ? ?to
allow? ?me? ?to ? ?take? ?lessons.? ?When? ?I ? ?was? ?four? ?years? ?old,? ?they? ?finally? ?signed ? ?me ? ?up.
I? ?took? ?lessons? ?for? ?eleven? ?years,? ?consistently? ?switching? ?piano? ?teachers? ?as? ?I? ?grew
and? ?evolved.? ?From ? ?the? ?moment? ?I ? ?started,? ?it? ?came? ?naturally? ?to? ?me.? ?The? ?feeling? ?of? ?my
fingers ? ?gliding? ?across ? ?the? ?keys? ?was? ?undoubtedly? ?my? ?favorite? ?thing ? ?in? ?the? ?world.? ?I? ?grew
out? ?of? ?beginner? ?to? ?intermediate? ?piano? ?books,? ?and? ?even? ?sheet? ?music? ?-I? ?wanted? ?to ? ?play? ?by
ear? ?-? ?to? ?let? ?the? ?music ? ?be? ?a? ?part? ?of? ?me,? ?endlessly? ?creating? ?whatever? ?I? ?wanted? ?to? ?make? ?out
of? ?the? ?ringing? ?sounds. ? ?Piano? ?is? ?my ? ?escape.
It? ?has? ?always? ?amazed? ?me? ?that? ?you? ?can? ?emit? ?any? ?emotion? ?you? ?choose? ?out? ?of
music.? ?If? ?I?m? ?sad, ? ?I? ?can ?...

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