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A New Strategy For Kodak Essay

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A New strategy for Kodak
Founded in 1884 by George Eastman as the Eastman Kodak Company; today Kodak serves as an industry leader in the area of imaging. The company first started as a photographic film company based in Rochester, New York city. The firm has since differentiated its business and progressively evolved in order to remain competitive with the advent of the digital revolution. Although it no longer holds its once dominant market share, through continual investment in research and development Kodak was able to ensure it could remain an industry contender well into the new millennium. A leading America technology company is focused mainly on imaging solutions and services for most of the businesses around the world. It provides packaging, functional printing, graphic communications and professional services for businesses around the world. Its main business segments are Digital Printing & Enterprise and Graphics, Entertainment and Commercial Films (Dayan, 2011).
The major five key objectives for Eastman Kodak that encompasses the operational, financial, human resource aspects of the business include the following.
(a) Identification of mission and values of its choice- Eastman Kodak has a mission of offering quality services to its customers and be the leading solution provider in technology market. Through identification of the values of its choice, it will be in a position to convince its customers that it is the best provider of services that meets their demand. This will help the company influence key objectives of an organization of your choice and assess the influence of stakeholders in its operation ranging from financial, human resource and other activities.
(b) Knowing the financial importance of human resource department-Eastman Kodak has always been at the top because they employ qualified employees that are normally absorbed into the company through the human resource department.
(c) Knowing how effective and efficient marketing, management and financial activities should contribute to the success of the business. Taking this into consideration the company has always been able to operate efficiently since the departments are dependent on each other and this has always led to success of Eastman Kodak.
(d) Another objective that Eastman has the named aspects of the business is analysis of its operational performance in comparison with financial performance. This has enabled Eastman Kodak develop new strategies such as marketing and operational leading to high profit for the company.
(e) Another objective that Eastman Kodak has adopted that encompasses the operational, financial, human resource aspects of the business is assessing the challenges facing its administration in terms of management involving operational risks. This has always boosted its performance and effective and efficient operation has been experienced within the company.
The establishments of these objectives are essential to the operation of Eastman Kodak...

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