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Is replacing the letter and number grades to a pass or fail a good idea? Many

schools have thought about making changes to the grading system. Multiple

parents and teachers have different opinions about it. Replacing the letter and

number grades with a pass or fail is a bad idea because the classroom effort will

decrease, competition among students will lower, and colleges will be stumped

when it comes to picking the best for the college.

Classroom effort will start decreasing dramatically. Students will start getting lazy

with school work. For example, why try hard on school work when a student

can receive a low grade, and still pass? Students will start getting bored in ...view middle of the document...

Colleges also

want students that try and give 100% in everything they do. They will not be able

to tell if a student is hard working or not with the pass or fail system.

Employment offices want the best of the best as well and someone they can rely

on. The employment offices will not know if you are truly hardworking or

reliable because with the pass or fail system, a student could have attended

Harvard and barely passed. In other terms, some people like the idea of the pass

or fail system.

Others believe that there are some advantages of the pass or fail system. Some

argue that it will decrease the amount of stress for students that worry about

getting good grades.Yes, that is true, but students should try their hardest to

succeed. What are students going to do when they get into the real world?

Another argument is students will not have to worry about their grade point

average. In this case, yes, but on the down side, grade point average is a very

important system when it comes to high school and college. Students need to


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