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A New Way Of Teaching Essay

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There are three different stages in education. Primary Education starts in Preschool and goes all the way up to 6th grade. Teachers in the Elementary School teach students the basic subjects that will prepare them for the next stage. The second stage and probably the most important stage is Secondary Education that starts in 7th grade and goes all the way up to 12th grade. Throughout these grades students start to learn more advanced subjects, most of which they need so that they can get an idea of what they want to do for a future career after they graduate. As a Secondary Education teacher it is their job to prepare their students for the final stage in education which is Higher Education, if the student is planning on attending a college or university. They introduce them to many new subjects that can give them an idea of what they are interested in so that choosing a future career is easier. The most important part of being a high school teacher however is preparing their students for adulthood. They have to get the students to realize that after high school they are the ones that have to decide their future. A high school teacher guides their students towards achieving their goals and motivates them to further their knowledge so that they can become successful in life.
Ultimately the teacher must realize that once the student graduates it is his/her choice on what they want to do with their life. The only thing the teacher can hope for is that the student learned something from and uses it to become successful. Students that want to further their knowledge will enter the third and final stage of education which is Higher Education. In this stage the student attends either a college or university and chooses a specific career that they would like to pursue. The teacher’s goal is to prepare the student for the career that he/she chose and teaches them everything they need to know about that career so that once they graduate they can pursue a job opportunity in that career. This stage is optional because some students do not go to college after high school. Instead they either work full-time for the rest of their life or they join a branch in the government whether it is army, navy, military, or air force.
Why is having an education important? The way the economy is now many average jobs that people work full-time for are not paying enough money for a person to live. People barely get by with the money that they earn with these average jobs but with a college degree they can enter a career that can provide the money needed to live a very prosperous life. It’s important to go to college and get a degree in any type of career because the jobs that give the most money for people to live they want require them to have some sort of degree. Education is an essential component of life (Mary 1). It is a self-enlightening process that brings about an awareness of the world around us (1). It develops our perspective of gaining knowledge, which...

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