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A Newspaper Around The Times Of Boston Tea Party

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The Boston WeeklyCopyright ® 1773 The Boston Times BOSTON, MA December 16-23, 17732 CENTSOVER 10,000 POUNDS OF TEA DUMPED INTO THE HARBOR_________________________Passionate Republican Local Hero__________________________By Ismail Bozkurt, BOSTONDec.16-"Fellow countrymen, we cannot afford to give a single inch! If we retreat now, everything we have done becomes useless! If Hutchinson will not send tea back to England, we can brew a pot of it especially for him!" These were the patriotic words of Samuel Adams; a passionate republican, who played a major role in today's events. Adams led three groups of fifty men who were dressed like Mohawk Indians and dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor. Adams, along with his followers had a meeting with Hutchinson today as he also had previous times. It was the same idea; Adams didn't want the monopolization of the tea business by the East India Company and also the slogan for all "No Taxation Without Representation." The townspeople shouted, "Let every man do his duty, and be true to his country." Without a leader like Samuel Adams, The Sons of Liberty and the colonists may not have a had a chance to fill the ocean water with tea.Adams, throughout their meetings, emphasized the importance of every action they will take and with his skills in politics, he was able to unite everybody and create a sense of harmony. He was unrelenting in the pursuit of his objects. He worked behind the scenes and was a master of propaganda. Adams knew what he needed to do, in order to receive help from his people, he created slogans such as "The power to tax is the power to destroy," to give warmth and justified meaning to what he hopes to accomplish. He was a great chief who raised patriotic feelings to accomplish the yet to be nation's goals. We do not yet know the result and response from Great Britain but Adams and his "secret patriotic societies" have managed to quietly influence every important aspect of the pre-Revolutionary struggle against Britain. I am proud to be an American who can experience how Adams created a spark in all of our hearts. Throughout this event, he maintained a quiet fashion and order. His message was so strong that even the crewmen started helping to dump the tea. Adams always remembered to keep his followers united because he knew that being united was the first step to become stronger and break away from Britain. Before, during, and after the event he always had something to say to his men such as singing "The Liberty Song" proudly while heading towards The Liberty Tree. With Adams' courage and leadership, the people had created a sense of unity among themselves who had gathered around the Liberty Tree. I along with many others celebrated and comprehended the importance of having someone like Adams.__________________________________HIGH TEA IN BOSTON HARBORBy Ismail Bozkurt, BOSTON Dec. 20 - This huge event put a great deal of responsibility on all of us. Just a day after the event,...

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