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" A Nickels Worth Of Skim Milk"

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A Nickel's Worth of Skim Milk What a great story! I chose this book because it stood out amongst the many novels of the Great Depression. A small book with about 150 pages, it fit snuggly between the towering novels of Harry S. Truman, and the likeable Teddy Roosevelt. What struck my attention was the sketched picture of a barefooted boy holding a pale. After reading this book, I felt in touch with my history and what it might have been like for me if I would have grown up during the Great Depression. I related to this story from the beginning and this is why.The story begins prior to the Great Depression. Robert J. Hastings is the little boy writing this book. From a collection of memories, thoughts, letters found in the attic and interviews from various friends and family members, Robert quickly grabs you with his careful and precise illustrations of living in Illinois as a child. The story describes growing up with few choices in life. Learning to survive on the basic necessities was pointed out in occasion after occasion. He details his family history, and how the coal mines essentially had the power to destroy any future of families by supplying quick and painful death to those who worked there long enough. He describes the years prior to the fateful crash of the stock market in 1929 and the years afterwards and what it took to survive.I have to say that there was more that I liked about the...

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