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A Night Of Fear Essay

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A Night of Fear

Have you ever been in a situation, where you have to choose a
spiritual path, the good way or the bad way? Well I was in that
situation quite a few years ago and the way I chose was dire….

The old preacher used to say to me, 'let Jesus come into your heart'
but I wouldn't listen I always used to think that, that was for the
older people. I used to think, why not enjoy my youth, why should I
deprive my self of going to party's, getting smashed every weekend,
taking drugs why should I deprive myself of all this enjoyed because
I've given my life to Christ. Why? Am I insane giving up all this
enjoyment just for Christ! But what I didn't know was that all this
avoiding of Christ was going to Change my life forever and ever….

My mum always used to say to me 'give your life to Christ before it's
too late' what she meant in the phrase 'to late' was in the Christian
Bible there are accounts in Revelation a book in the Bible referring
to the end times and that there are a series of events building up to
Jesus coming to take those who have given there lives to him and that
if you are left behind a antichrist will arise and rule the world and
that reign will be a time of great terror. My mum used to give me
examples such as after Jesus had taken the people who love him there
would be terrible tortures that would go on this earth. The seas would
be turned into blood; great hailstones will fall on the earth and so
on. These were the things she told me day in day out. But the most
horrible, hideous, horrific and worrying thing she ever told me that
even makes me icy cold all over even now. Was a animal that would be
released by God unto this earth when the antichrist is reigning. This
animal she described would come from the bottomless pit it was
reminiscent of a horse, it had wings, it's head had horns, its head
was like the head of humans my mum used to say, the fixation about
this animal that made me quiver like a lone twig in the wind was that
it could sting and this sting was like a scorpions sting but this
sting man could not comprehend such a sting. If one stung you will be
in pain for five mouths non-stop. But...

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