A Natural Solution Essay

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A Natural Solution
Cancer is a term that, for many, is a word that carries fear with it. Humans do not want cancer to be part of their lives, because of the pain and harmful outcomes that occur with it. Marijuana, like cancer, is another word that humanity fears. Marijuana is, for the most part, abused and causes problems for people associated with the misuse of marijuana. The attitudes towards both words are similar, but it should not be that way. Marijuana has the potential to alleviate the pain caused by cancer. Medicinal marijuana should be one of the first options to treat cancer pain because its negative outcomes and risks are far less than the side effects of other pain medication used for cancer patients.
Cancer causes a great amount of pain, both physical and mental. There are at least 70 side effects of cancer and cancer treatment, and each one of them is horrific. Fatigue, emesis, nausea, malnutrition and excruciating pain are just a few physical side effects of cancer and cancer treatments. Fatigue is a commonly occurring side effect that cancer patients experience (Altman 106). Emesis, or vomiting, and nausea are commonly occurring side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy and cancer itself (Altman 93). Cancer patients often lose an appetite because the foods they consume have a different, unappetizing taste (Altman 15). Some mental and emotional side effects include: anxiety, sleep disturbances, and depression. (Altman, 330). Cancer pain can prevent the body from essential components to live, such as nutrition and sleep. Pain can also affect the value of life, because pain can hinder everyday activities. Pain that goes untreated can have damaging effects to the nervous system and immune system. Lack of nutrition and lack of sleep can have negative effects on the immune system. (Bernay 111). Bernay and Porrath, who are founders for the Porrath Foundation for Cancer Patient Advocacy, say that “Maintaining healthy immune function is critical to beating cancer.” (111).
There are many medications to alleviate the side effects of cancer pain, but harmful side effects are associated with the use of these medications. Some medications used to treat pain include morphine and oxycodone. Concerta and Ritalin help treat fatigue. Vomiting and nausea are treating by using the medications Compazine and Decadron. (Bernay 110-124) Morphine is a medication used for pain, but morphine also causes nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and difficulty sleeping (Shaw). Oxycodone is another medication used to treat pain; nausea, vomiting, headache, drowsiness, and constipation are the side effects of oxycodone (Noonan). Insomnia, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite are side effects of the drug Concerta, which used to treat fatigue (Candelaria). Ritalin is another drug used for fatigue and the side effects of this drug are insomnia, depression, and an...

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