A Not So Perfect Family Essay

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As society changes, so does everything in it. From the books we read to the movies we watch, the music we listen to, and the clothes we buy. Everything changes. One thing that affects us most though is the family environment we grow up in. There are so many challenges families face today and they all impact us and the way we shape our society. No family is perfect, though it may look like it from the outside.
One major issue facing families today is domestic violence. This is taking place behind closed doors and is rarely discussed. It is happening with a growing numbers of families, and the affect can be devastating. Domestic violence can be described as a pattern of behavior that is ...view middle of the document...

Violence in the home not only predisposes them to an array of social and physical problems, but also teaches them that violence is a normal. This generally increases the risk of them becoming society's next generation of abusers and victims (Domestic Violence: Statistics & Facts., 2014).
So what are the consequences our society faces because of domestic violence? Domestic violence is in the top five leading causes of homelessness among families. Ranking third according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It also costs more than $37 billion a year due to the involvement of law enforcement, the legal work that takes place, as well as all the medical and mental health treatment. And if the witnesses of domestic violence do not get or seek help, especially the children of violent homes, then they will then continue the cycle of violence in the next generation (Domestic Violence: Statistics & Facts., 2014).
Another long standing problem that tests families today is addiction. These addictions have evolved throughout the years. For a long time we have known about drug and alcohol addiction, but these addictions have changed and new addictions have emerged. For example drugs no longer just mean marijuana and cocaine, we now have to worry about prescription pain medications. Then there are the addictions of gambling, the internet, cutting, and pornography. All of these can rip a family apart and have crucial effects on society.
In my opinion, the addiction to pornography may be one of the fastest growing issues the family has to deal with. Pornography “takes over the viewer’s life, and numbs that person’s capacity to discern right and wrong” (Kirchner, C.Ss.R., 2014). We know that addiction is harmful and damaging to the person who is addicted, but it is just as harmful and damaging to the relationships the person is in and to society as a whole. And like all addictions, porn is more than just a personal issue with the user, it will cause problems in relationships and family life. The addition to porn can lead to other forms of malicious behaviors, such as lying, anger, violence, and compulsiveness. Over time the addict’s needs will become stronger and what was once just excitement could turn into something much worse, like weird or abnormal sex with their partner, homosexuality, child porn, or more viciously, rape. This addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer. It doesn’t apply to just men anymore, the number of women addicted to porn is growing. Though it’s hard to find accurate data to support this because the specifics are just starting to surface (An Equal Opportunity Destroyer, 2010). Nevertheless, it is a serious concern for families.
Just like any other addiction, pornography hurts everyone involved. And the ways it effects is demoralizing. For example, a wife may end up being held to an impossible standard of sexual desire and therefore denied intimacy from her husband because she does not...

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