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A Nuclear Armed Iran Essay

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The chosen article for critical review is the Nuclear-Armed Iran: A Difficult but Not Impossible Policy Problem by Barry R. Posen. The author of the article is a Professor of Political Science at MIT who serves as the Director of the MIT Security Studies Program and on top of that accomplishment, he has written two previous works, Inadvertent Escalation: Conventional War and Nuclear Risks and The Sources of the Military Doctrine. Barry Posen contributes an extensive amount of knowledge on the subject of nuclear weapons. Posen is well versed in the field of Political Science furthermore he is represented at a very respectable university, and his previous works regarding nuclear arms displays that he is knowledge on the topic (MIT Political Science). Over the years, there have been consistent debates, but lack of development and action on how to progress against the possible productions of nuclear weapons in the hands of the Iranians. This pessimistic view is not without proper concern because the leader of Iran, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been recorded saying, 'death to Israel' so skeptics and general people alike share much concern with the development of nuclear energy in Iran. The technology would grant the opportunity to construct nuclear weapons. Which some may fear it can be used against neighbouring states in the Middle East. The state in danger of course is Israel, one of the cooperative Middle Eastern states that essentially acts in the interests of the western world, something Ahmadinejad accused them of doing, saying this is why both the UN and the United States are 'pro-israel' (YouTube Israel Off the Map). In this analysis, there may be a presence of realist biased.
Within the text of the article, Posen's examination revolves around several methods of dealing with Iran. He elaborates on the possible outcomes of certain situations, if they were to go that way. The three routes Posen examines are the following: "(1) they could move from diplomacy to economic and political coercion (Posen 375)." Essentially outlining those economic sanctions will be enforced if Iran does not comply. Posen would go on about how this solution may be ineffective. "(2) One or more states could launch a preventive attack to erode or destroy the Iranian Nuclear Program. (Posen 375)" This solution being more prone to the Realist ideal, using force as a means of control, serving the interests of the threatened states. Posen presents some reasons as to why this may be ineffective. Finally, the "(3[rd]) [option,] these powers could develop strategies of containment and deterrence to coexist with a nuclear-armed Iran- if Iran achieves weapons capability. (Posen 375)" Posen admits that this option will be the least wanted one, however he provides some arguments that there is a way to possibly ensure safety. The third option is the one that Posen argues for, he still reviews the other options, and simply highlighting his beliefs as to why the third one may be...

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