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A Nurse's Emotional Backpack Essay

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Nurses are depended on by everyone they encounter in their career. They are complex beings that have one of the hardest lives to live. They deal with life, death, and suffering on a daily basis. It is what they are here for isn’t it? They put the buffer between the complications of one’s life. They carry the stress, anxiety, and confusion home with them every night and every day for the rest of their lives. They carry an emotional backpack with them to store their stories, feelings, and courage.
Nurses take on multiple roles other than a nurse; they are a caregiver, they give the care patients need and offer them the support to maintain a healthy life. Teacher is not a term one would ...view middle of the document...

More nurses are prone to have musculoskeletal injuries while on the job, which is at fifty-nine percent as of 2011. Contracting diseases such as HIV and hepatitis from accidental needle sticks becomes a greater possibility (2011).
Along with all of the work factors at home nurses carry their own pain. Getting close to patients is something nurses are strongly encouraged not to do, yet it happens without thought. It is sad to say that nurses take their pain out of substances such as drugs and alcohol. One out of ten nurses or about ten percent will be dependent on prescription drugs. About half of the nurses will experience addiction with prescriptions (Copp).
If it comes to the worst, some nurses decide they cannot live with the pressure of their job. According to the British Medical Association, doctors are almost two times more likely to commit suicide and nurses are at a fifty percent higher risk. In the six years up until the year 1998, three hundred and forty two nurses ended their life (Laurance).
Many people find that nursing is not their cup of tea and it is more than what they thought they could handle. Some may decide to leave nursing and pursue another career field early on or later into their career. The top reasons why they choose to leave nursing are short staffing, too many tasks, upward mobility is lacking, poor management, and underpayment.
Staffing concerns are always a problem. The demands for more people seeking healthcare cause nurses to float to different departments to fill in where they are needed. Non-efficient staffing also can mean other nurses pulling in overtime and working even longer shifts. The tasks nurses must perform vary in ranges of complexity. Everything a nurse does has to be documented, so paperwork is overwhelming in this field. Healthcare facilities are always finding ways to cut costs, which causes more strain on nurses. The mobility in nursing is challenging and time consuming. Over the years it has gotten harder to receive higher degrees in nursing.
Management of the nursing team is the most important. Without the proper people in management the healthcare field would crumble to pieces. They are in charge of every aspect that occurs within the healthcare team. They assign nurses to the tasks and make sure the patients get the treatment they deserve. Sadly, management is a problem in healthcare and is not always efficient.
Lastly, there is a huge misconception on the payment of nurses. Yes, they get paid well, but is it really enough? Considering the amount of work they do in a day, plus the low starting wages, it is not enough. Some experienced nurses get paid...

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