A Nursing Report Based On A Research Article 'evaluating A Palliative Care Education Project In Nursing Homes'

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This report is based on a research article, ' Evaluating a palliative care education project in nursing homes', by Froggart (2000). The author of the article Katherine Froggart, who is the head of MacMillan Practice Development Unit, Centre for Cancer and Palliative Care Studies, discusses the establishment of a 2-year palliative education pilot project in nursing homes.The aim of her project was to address the palliative care needs of residents in nursing homes, by providing education courses for all levels of nursing home staff. Which would provide evidence to guide future work in this area of care.Froggart (2000) explains in conducting her research, two methods were applied, these were qualitative and quantitative approaches. To collect data for the project, two methods were also applied, these were in the form of, case studies and surveys. Overall, fifty-four nursing homes participated in the project.In conducting case studies, four of the homes were selected, and staff interviews took place. Interviews were recorded, and the researcher undertook a three- week period of participant observation, where the researcher worked as a care worker at the homes. Surveys, in the form of questionnaires of both participating and non-participating homes were also used to collect information.Froggart (2000) also discusses the impact of the project, with, participating staff members, residents and their relatives as well as discussed organizational changes.Therefore, the aim of this report will be to consider 'ethical issues' surrounding research and will discuss this studies strengths and weaknesses in addressing these.An evaluative research study is carried out when a researcher desires to know, how objectives of particular activities, or practices are being met. (Parahoo, 1997).However when this involves a study discussing sensitive subjects such as 'palliative care' and involving human subjects in the study such as those in this research article, ethical dilemmas may arise and need to be addressed (Dunn, 1995).Ethics is defined 'as a system of moral values that is concerned with the degree to which research procedures adhere to professional, legal and social obligations to the study participants' (Polit & Hungler, 1999).According to Tarling and Croft (2002), the researcher should ensure that the rights of individuals , involved in their research, are protected. They state further that in regards the nurse's role, nurses also face ethical dilemmas in their practice e.g. the prolonging of life. As a result of this, nurses require too have an understanding of these, as well as research and ethical problems associated with research.Regarding research projects, Polit and Hungler (1999) state that to guide researchers to avoid ethical conflicts, 'a code of ethics' has been developed. Within this, are a set of moral guiding principles that orientate researchers towards ethical practice. These main principles are beneficence, respect for human dignity and...

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