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A One Act Play: The Story Of Addison & Mya Writing/ Creative Writing Play

610 words - 3 pages

Name:      Ja'Mya Kidd
Date:      September 27, 2017
Facilitator:      Chapman
School:      Thomasville High
5.05 One Act Play
You will write a one act play with one or more scenes. Provide details about your play.
Title of play:      The test
List of Characters:      
Setting (Where the scene takes place):      Addison's living room
Stage directions should be used throughout the play in the following ways:
1. Describing the setting and characters
2. Telling the actor…
a. where to move
b. how to say something
c. what to do / how to act
Character 1: Dialogue (no quotation marks) This is the person talking.
Character 2: Dialogue (This is another person talking.)
The play should have a clear beginning, middle (climax of the problem), and end.
The resolution may not solve the problem, but it does end the situation.
Write your one act play here.      
(Addison's living room-evening
around six-thirty, sunset light shining through partially curtained window
Addison sleeping on couch, loud banging on door, Addison jumps up)
(groggily) Who is it?
(MYA'S VOICE is heard from the other side of the door)
It's me. I really need to talk to you. This is very important.
(ADDISON walks to toward the door)
(opening door) Come on in. It's not like I have to work a 48 hour shift in two hours.
(walking inside) Who cares? Stop being such a baby. I have the results.
Well, did you look at it yet?
(pacing the floor) Of course not. Are you crazy? Who knows what kind of power this thing holds? This information could change our lives forever.
(sitting) I know how afraid you are. You just have to be positive and everything will be alright.

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