A Letter To President: Lessons From Vietnam War And The Mistakes We Should Avoid In The Future.

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Dear President Bush,Have you ever wondered what can be more terrifying than a little three-letter word "War"? What can be more heartbreaking than a thousand of innnocent soldiers dying in the fields of a distant land? ... I always wondered why, living centuries on Earth, we couldnt learn to stay in peace? Why, having so many wars to look back to, we coudlnt learn to avoid thier mistakes? Why, seeing that we will have so many wars to come, cant we start taking care of it now? "Its never too late - never too late to start over , never too late to be happy." - says a famous quote by Jane Fonda. I found that in American History, Vietnam War is the one we should look the most at , when searching for mistakes to avoic in the present. THere are so many lessons to be learned from that war, but the most significant ones would be " know the battlefield you 'll be fighting on, know your enemy, know why you are fighting and treat the soldiers who ll be coming back to the US the way they deserve to be treated.THe crucial mistake made in Vietnam War was that the soldiers knew neither the enemy nor the land they were fighting on. They came into Vietnam unacquainted with the surroundings and geography of the place. It was a big surprise for Americans to be stuck in the middle of the field of elephant grass.The Vietnamese, on the other hand, were fully prepared and aware of their battlefield . The hiddent traps and underground passages were often used in thier attacks and hiding places. Know the battlefield you'll be fighting on!To make war a success you have to know who you are fighting. Its' cruicial to know your enemy before sending the troops in. It was yet another mistake made by Americans during the Vietnam War....

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