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A Pair of Children
Since the earliest days of writing and storytelling, Setting has been an imperative part of the storytelling process. Setting is one of many ways a writer can show emotion as well as a plethora of other emotions or experiences in a story. Amy Tan, the author of “A Pair of Tickets”, uses setting to create the feelings being in a mysterious land and being at home at the same time. Setting creates a greater understanding of the struggles that the characters have/are going through during the story. In “A Pair of Tickets,” setting creates the following introspective elements for the characters: a greater understanding to each characters wisdom, reveals the struggles of each ...view middle of the document...

Her father reveals to her how and why her mother had given up the narrator’s sisters. This reveals much of the regret and nervousness her mother had to endure until the end of her days. Her father also reveals that her mother had gone back to look for the sisters up until they left China and moved to America (Tan 143). The narrator also learns a lot about her Chinese background while in China. She mentions about how she felt normal pushing through the crowded lines at the Guangzhou station (Tan 135). The narrator’s troubles are forgotten upon the arrival in Shanghai. She finds out what her mother’s intentions were when she said “Someday you will see … It is in your blood, waiting to be let go (Tan 133).” The narrator goes through a profound experience at this point, where she finds out what her mother’s disposition was against her.
The age of the characters are portrayed through the use of the setting in this story in a very deep-seated manner. For example, the narrator’s mother goes through the horrific invasion of Manchuria, in which, she leaves her first born twin daughters to the harshness of the world (Tan 141-142). These selfish actions were on the premise of Selfless ideas. The narrators Mother was planning on coming back with food and water for the children, but instead she passed out and was transported to another city (Tan 142-143). These actions lead her to regretfully look for her lost...

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