A Friend For Me, And A Friend For You

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As high school students, we are expected to be well rounded, are we not? It is subtle at first, but day by day, we begin to hear more about college; and we are asked to choose what we want our futures to entail. Now a days, if you choose to be at the top of your class and desire a university’s attention, you cannot achieve that solely with grades. Along with academic excellence, a top student should possess a history of volunteer work, a creative outlet, sound SAT scores, an honorable character, and of course, a sport. Having a sport is what has troubled my journey to prestigious college credentials. Even after many phases of dabbling in dance, cheer and a horrendous attempt at volleyball, I still managed to return to where I did not have a sport to call my own. However, this past August I discovered my passion for rowing; and even though it took many years of fortitude and patience, I came to the conclusion that once you find a sport, it can assist making new acquaintances.
Ever since I joined the rowing team, my time has been consumed by time on the water, in the breeze, longing to feel the perfect harmony between my blades, and the run of the boat. This all consuming activity, referred to as rowing, is one that cannot succeed without togetherness, physically and mentally. The ultimate triumph in a crew to have simultaneous movement, at every second, with every part of the stroke, in a seamless and continuous fashion. This necessity to be together in a boat, corresponds to when one is not rowing, to being together and there for one another, as a community. Your teammates become your family, you get to know them on and off the water, as you struggle through the task of being powerful, yet gracious. Not every shove off the dock will entitle an enjoyable row, but each one will be memorable. It is as a team that you learn to...

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