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A Pandemic Of The Mind Essay

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A disease is sweeping the nation. No, it does not involve fevers and running noses, but instead of a disease of the body, it is a disease of the mind: academic cheating. There are several different forms of academic cheating; from a student simply glancing at her seatmate’s paper to absolute plagiarism. There are various reasons which include such as desperation, ignorance and indolence. Cheating in any form is detrimental not only to the student, but to the entire education system, the student’s family, and the student’s future. Academic cheating is a pandemic in today’s society, assisted by today’s growing technology and it must be stopped.
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Another reason for academic cheating is indolence, pure and simple laziness. These students are too busy with their own social and home lives to worry about classes or homework. The levels of indolence range from lazily looking up an essay online or glancing at their friend’s paper to hiring “ringers” to attend classes for them which is the epitome of laziness. But cheating once can turn into more cheating, for example, when I was in Junior High my brother helped me with math homework. Of course he was just being a kind older brother and I greatly appreciated it, however, when I took the test I did miserably on it because I had not learned the information properly. I started worrying about my future, how was I going to graduate high school? And college? Well I just would not be able to do it. I began crying and told my mother about my situation, she helped me learn the right equations and get back on track. While that was just innocent assistance and in a grade that was not as significant as college or the later stages of high school, I will never forget the despair I had when I thought I did not understand the information, I was ready to cheat again had I the resources and mental capabilities to do so. Most students begin small and they work their way up until they are in absolute despair and do not know what path to take, so they continue on for the rest of their time in school and the ways of cheating become more complex.
So what can society do for America’s students, plagued by academic cheating and dishonesty, to get them out of this spiraling disease? The answer is not simple, nor is there one singular solution, there are as numerous solutions are there are types of cheating and reasons. The solutions in the past have never fully dissolved the problem or even a portion of the problem at times. Teachers have tried spacing desks out farther, attempting the idea of “The desks are made out of pencil-resistant plastic, so you can’t scribble notes” (Villarreal and Missel), and various plagiarism detection software to catch cheaters. But despite the attempts to eradicate the dishonesty quite a few students still cheat, perhaps the real issue is with conscience in today’s society, maybe what American’s need is a good dose of morals and honesty. Or perhaps something to have hope for, in this dismal world where every day is about surviving and making it through life, people...

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