A Paper About A Mystery On The Orient Express Train. Titled "The Great Train Mystery"

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"The Great Train Mystery"PreludeThe interest aroused by the public by what had been known as the "Great Train Mystery", has now somewhat subsided. Nevertheless, there was still some interest in what had been such a great world-wide case, that took some time to solve. My friend, Monsieur Chanteau and the other people who were involved in the "mystery" asked me to write an account of the whole story.I, Mr. Lavendish, will therefore explain what happened on the night of December 16, 1954 on the Orient Express, on its weekly journey from Istanbul to Calais.I. IstanbulI had traveled to Istanbul to get away from my normal life. Living on the Asian side in of Turkey in Ankara made me feel separated from all European life, and I wanted to visit Turkey from a different perspective. I decided to travel to Istanbul, and stay with my friend Monsieur Chanteau at the Luxembourg Hotel in Istanbul. There I would be invited on the journey of my life.I had spend my childhood in the busy jewelry district of Geneva, Switzerland, right next to the famous Lac Leman. There I was always known as a person who traveled very frequently, because of my love for it and because of my parents. Both of my parents worked with international affairs for the Swiss government, so I was exposed to many different cultures. Ten years ago, I traveled with my parents to Ankara, and that started my love affair with Turkey and its capital.Most people view me as a rather intelligent person. I attended college at the Sorbon, which is a private university located on the left bank of the Seine river in Paris. From there I worked as an accountant at a Swiss bank in Bern, Switzerland. Then from there, I moved to, and then decided to live the rest of my life in Turkey.Living in the Asian side of Turkey exposed me to many things that were different then I experienced in Switzerland. First of all, there was less luxury, and most of the people there lived a "Spartan" lifestyle. The people in Turkey believed that if people lived on a lesser scale, then there would be a lesser chance for a confrontation with another country or another group. That did not happen and there was still some terrorism and some crime in the region. This had been put on hold however, because of my friend Monsieur Chanteau's work in the area. The fact that there was still some fright in the people of Ankara cause of the terrorism, partially caused my return to Europe and the European side of Istanbul.When I arrived at the hotel I was lead by the bellboy to room 234. It was on the third floor, and had a beautiful view of St. Sophia. I had never seen the beautiful church before and it was a marvelous sight. The church had a beautiful white dome roof, and behind it there was a beautiful view of the Bosphorus, which is the straight which divides Turkey into the European and Asian regions. I also could see from my window, the beautiful Blue Mosque. The Blue Mosque, or Hagia Sophia, had a very large blue roof, and three white towers...

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