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A Paper About The History Of The Terrorism On The World Trade Center

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It was the year 1972 when the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey started which was then just an idea that 20 years later became one of the most significant symbols in lives all around the world. The World Trade Center was created to have the two tallest buildings in the world surpassing the silver mast of the Empire State building. The WTC could only hold the throne for about 2 years. The Sears building which was taller than WTC was finished in 1974, but that did not take away the uniqueness of the Twin Towers standing next to each other in the skyline of New York City. No one anticipated that one day this would be the main target for terrorism for at least 9 years. On February 26th of 1993 The WTC was attacked for the first time by terrorists. The intention was to make the building(s) collapse, thus crippling the U.S. economy because of the hundreds of important businesses located in the Twin Towers. The attack was unsuccessful but the intentions were still the same. Nine years later the buildings were attacked once again, this time with much more rage. Terrorists hijacked 4 planes, two of them were destined to collide with the two main buildings of the WTC, the Twin Towers. Americans all across the country watched the news in disbelief as the buildings collapsed in Manhattan. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon, it was partially damaged. The 4th plane was said to be destined for the white house, but it crashed before getting there. According to the U.S. government, the plane was taken down by the passengers themselves as an act of heroism and pride for the country. Some people believe this to be false. It was suspected that the U.S. military had something to do with it, but that would open up a whole different chapter.On September 11th of the year 2001, what was once a symbol of capitalism on its way to the top became a "battle field" for terrorists with a different point of view than most countries with the system of democracy. The affects of 9/11 were much greater than the ones of Pearl Harbor. It brought Americans closer to each other, but at the same time heightened tension with different countries around the world, including Afghanistan.The attacks of Sept. 11th affected other countries throughout the world possibly as much as it affected America. The U.S. citizens could have never anticipated such attack. It was 8:46 in the morning when a commercial airplane plane hit the first tower. Most people believed it to be an accident, because the thought of being attacked by terrorists in most citizens' mind was almost not present. It was only after the second plane came crashing in the other tower, that the people realized that something had gone wrong, something not familiar to them. Other than Pearl Harbor and the Oklahoma City bombing, the citizens have never experienced the feeling of being in the middle of a war. This feeling is common in a great part of the world, especially in the Middle East. Not knowing if you were going to...

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