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A Paper On Personal Strenghts And Weaknesses Of An Individual.

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Strengths & Weaknesses 2Personal Strengths and WeaknessesI believe life is a learning experience and we all have certain personal strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what I am good at and what I'm weak in can help me to become a better person. Recognizing my weaknesses along with having the desire to improve on them can only have a positive impact on my life. My ability to speak Spanish is a great personal strength of mine. I am the only person in my department who is bilingual. My department deals with the public on an everyday basis. If we are not attending job fairs we are conducting interviews at our facility. Being bilingual has opened doors for me. It has helped me interview many Hispanic applicants, who otherwise would not have been interviewed because of the language barrier. It has also helped me establish relationships with different contacts throughout the Metro D.C. area. Even when I'm home or out somewhere it is very useful. Someone who does not speak English might come up to me and ask me a question in Spanish and I will be able to understand and answer the question. Hopefully helping that person out.The fact that I can navigate through word, excel, access and other office products has helped me make my job a lot easier. By using access I have created a database for all applicants that have been interviewed by my department. All of my co-workers use this database to find out information. Such as applicant status, date of interview, why the person was not hired, weekly hiring log, affirmative action information and etc. This is a skill that I use in my personal life. I keep track of all of my expenses on an excel spreadsheet that I created on my home computer. This has helped me maintained a working budget for my self.Strengths & weaknesses 3My ability to work well with others is a positive factor in my learning team.I am not what you call an argumentative person. I would rather stay seated and talk about the topic. People have often said that I am a "laid back" type of person. People often disagree about a matter because they are thinking differently. I believe they are thinking differently for a...

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1008 words - 4 pages quality of life. By completing this paper, which has my weaknesses laid out, I will be able to develop a habit for change and self improvement. Through careful management and monitoring of your strengths and weaknesses the door will be open for personal growth by evolving these problems and eliminating problems while I attend the University of Phoenix. I know that using my strengths, new ways can be found to overcome obstacles in both my workplace and in school. As your leadership skills improve an individual can become a more, self-conscious and well rounded individual making for a highly sought after employee.

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1331 words - 5 pages with you my strengths and weaknesses and see how they effect my everyday being.      Lets begin with my personal strengths. To me these are areas where I think I excel and have the most experience. Being an effective communicator is one of the best traits that I think a person can carry. Effective communication consists of being able to speak clearly and professionally, while being knowleadgeable at the same time. I also

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1153 words - 5 pages I am going to write about my personal strengths and weaknesses. I would like to start out by going over my personal strengths. Then I will go over some of my personal weaknesses. Finally I will compose a plan of action to take to improve on my weaknesses. I am an honest person. I tell people what I am thinking and how I feel. Even if they don't like what I have to say. Being honest has helped me become closer to the people I care about most

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704 words - 3 pages Knowing my personal strengths and weaknesses is a very important step to improving myself. It will help me to define the areas in which I need to work on most. Many people feel that working on their weaknesses will be enough, but to really improve myself, I must be prepared to work on my strengths also. Achieving my life's goals will be greatly enhanced by knowing what my strengths and weaknesses really are and being able to improve them by

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1666 words - 7 pages thought of, "there is always tomorrow," keeps making me push time. At work and in my personal life working under pressure makes my skill of problem solving work. My mind starts working at a fast pace and all ideas come to light. I can resolve any problem on a daily basis. My problem to this strength is my weakness of procrastinating. My teammates must understand that on a daily basis it is hard to operate because the level of motivation plays a big

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