A Paper On Reyes Syndrome Done For My Health Class.

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What Is It and What Causes It?Reyes Syndrome is a rare and often fatal illness that develops rapidly and can be a complication of the flu or chicken pox in children. It can also cause severe brain damage.Reyes Syndrome has been linked to the use of aspirin in the treatment of these viral infections. It is highly recommended that aspirin should not be given to children 19 years of age and under who are suffering from the flu or chicken pox.There appears to be no danger in giving aspirin to otherwise healthy children for simple pain or minor cuts or other injuries.What Are the Symptoms?The symptoms include sudden, severe vomiting, violent headaches, hyperactive or combative behavior, personality and behavior changes in those who appear to be recovering from a viral infection. The symptoms progress to listlessness, sleeping constantly, and possibly convulsions and coma.If these symptoms are present, parents are advised to seek immediate medical attention.How Is It Treated?Treatment of Reyes Syndrome requires hospitalization.* What is Reye's SyndromeReye's syndrome is an acute disorder which affects children when they seem to be recovering from a viral illness like 'flu', chicken-pox or diarrhoea.The child has a change in his/her personality or becomes drowsy or unconscious and develops frequent or persistent vomiting.Unless diagnosed and treated successfully, death or severe disability may result. Abnormal accumulations of fat develop in the liver and some other organs of the body. There is swelling of the brain which can cause it injury.The disease affects children from infancy onwards. Although it does occur in teenagers and adults, it is rarely recognised after 19 years of age. Children of both sexes and all races can be affected.*What Causes Reye's Syndrome?The cause is unknown; but a number of studies suggest a link between the development of Reye's syndrome and the use of aspirin to treat the viral illness which precedes it. These studies do not prove that aspirin causes Reye's syndrome but may aggravate it. Other chemical substances including insecticides and emulsifiers, have also been implicated but the evidence that these are involved is controversial.Because there are alternatives, there is no need to use aspirin for feverish illnesses in childhood. Since 1986, aspirin preparations have been labelled with differing warnings. The latest advice from the Medicine Control Agency, issued in April 2002, is as follows:-Carton/LabelDO NOT GIVE TO CHILDREN UNDER 12 YEARS, AND AVOID UP TO AND INCLUDING 15 YEARS OF AGE IF FEVERISHPatient Information LeafletTHERE IS A POSSIBLE ASSOCIATION BETWEEN ASPIRIN AND REYE'S SYNDROME WHEN GIVEN TO CHILDREN WITH A FEVER. REYE'S SYNDROME IS A VERY RARE DISEASE WHICH CAN BE FATAL. FOR THIS REASON ASPIRIN SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN TO CHILDREN UNDER 12 YEARS AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED UP TO AND INCLUDING 15 YEARS OF AGE IF FEVERISH.*What are Reye-like illnesses?Many rare genetic (inherited) disorders of the body chemistry...

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