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A Paper On "She Being Brand" By E.E. Cummings.

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The Life behind "she being Brand"What makes life worth living? Some may say love, family, work, passion, or faith, but what makes all those things worth living for? Joy and happiness is what we all live for. The happiest, most successful people live their life day by day forever seeking that true fulfillment of enjoying themselves. In the moment when a new business owner realizes he's going to make it and do well, or the moment when newlyweds see their first child being born, that's when life really means the most. By pinpointing that incredible climax of what life is truly about, "she being Brand" captures the feeling that too many people lose sight of and only dream about. There's the anticipation and anxiety of waiting for the moment and wondering whether you will succeed beyond your wildest expectations or fail miserably. Then, of course, there's the exhilaration that only few skilled poets can truly put into words when everything surpasses your greatest expectations. Then the dreaded yet blissful moment as the experience comes to a close. E.E. Cummings truly captures these feelings in his phenomenal poem.The moment comes where everything as you know it seems to be placed upon the edge of the sharpest sword about to fall into pure failure on one side or undeniable success on the other, and yet how do you accurately describe it. E.E. Cummings snares the feelings perfectly. He sets the experience by reminding the reader of the importance of the poem; it is a first time. He says clearly and seemingly with so much emotion, "she being Brand-new". The sweat is just starting to form on his forehead as he and his readers truly grasp the fact that this is not only one of those exciting moments but it's a first; it's a new experience. He then goes for the heart of the anticipation explaining that with nervous anxiety he is, "consequently a little stiff I was careful of her". He has in fact been planning this moment. Not only does he know it's about to hit him head-on, he has in fact known it would come for some time. He explains, "(having thoroughly oiled the universal joint tested my gas felt of her radiator made sure her springs were O.K.)" The transition, being still tainted by his unbelievable amount of excitement and anticipation, begins a little rough.The moment of exhilaration, although seeming hours pass by, finally comes into view. "I went right to it flooded-the-carburetor...

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