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A Paper On Why Age Resembles Ones Cultureal Identity.

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Age Transpires Identity As a multivocallity, twenty-year-old, middle-class, heterosexual, male, student of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with white American, German, Methodist, cultural history; the feelings I express regarding all of these cultural identities varies in intensity. The identities that I define are as follows: age, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender, organization, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion. The identity that expresses the most intensity is my age. Age is what tells a person what they should be doing and how they should act. Age is one of the most influential identities because it reflects a person's perception and, most of all, communication. Identity age is effortless to distinguish and, because it relates to virtually twenty percent of America's population, puts me in a majority. The stereotype of my generation is that we have low expectations with high results and that many of us enroll in institutions after high school. There are many advantages and some disadvantages of being a twenty year old, but first, one must understand the different types of cultural identities. There are thirteen different cultural identities that compose who individuals are. The intensity behind the identity fluctuates from type to type and person to person. Nationality is the nation in which a person resides by cause or birth. Ethnicity is the person's ethnic characteristics or background. Gender is the sexual identity of the person relating to society. Profession is the occupation or career an individual holds, but one can be a student for a profession. Next there is Geography, which is closely interpolated with nationality because geography is where the individual resides within their country or nation. Organizations are coordinated groups of people working towards particular purposes. The state where someone stands at both a social level and an economic level is one's socioeconomic status. Physical ability is being able to perform natural acquired skills, but not all people can accomplish the same skills due to disabilities such as blindness. An individual's choice of heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual preference depicts their sexual orientation. Religion is the spiritual beliefs, values and principals a person accept as true. Race is the common history, nationality, and genetically transmitted physical characteristics a group of people posses. The last identity is age, which an individual does not have the ability to alter. Age links many people to their lifestyle and many reasons support my intensity for the identity. The cultural identity age is critical to expectations of ones obligations in life. Identifying the age of one is simple to accomplish by observing one's appearance and actions. Many people identify with the age group of twenty at any college campus. Most everyone is running around trying to achieve what they feel is expected of them. For instance, some feel the need to...

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