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A Paper Talking About The Difference From The Book And The Novel "1984".

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Although the novel and the film are very similar, seeing the film enhances the novel because from the opening shot of "Nineteen eighty four" the viewer is plunged right into the hell hole of Oceania and the ultimate totalitarian nightmare. Second the scene when Winston and Julia are captured by the Thought Police, this scene was riveting. Third it gives you a visual basis upon which to look at the book, and I can tell you that with very few exceptions, the movie is exceptionally true to the book. It was very easy to spot the deviation as I read through it, but from a visual perspective, this movie goes to great pains to depict things exactly as they are described in the book.There are just a few things about the film that bug me, and I'll bet they bug other Orwell readers too. There is no real attempt to deal with what or who Big Brother is; in this film, Big Brother seems to not be an embodiment of a neatly packaged and simplistic political philosophy but rather just a face on a screen. The whole point of Big Brother in the novel is that he is given a personality, even if he does not really exist as a person. This could have been even eerier in a film that in a novel, if done rightly. A great disappointment and a major chance missed. Second is Newspeak wasn't explained. Ok you can skip that in a film, but then why us O'Brien depicted talking in Newspeak, and why are we left in the dark as to what the hell he is doing?Thirdly, I was a bit let down in the character of O'Brien. He seemed to come off as a standard inner party drone in the movie, while in the book there was the hint that he was actually very special and important. In the movie, when he tortures Winston, he seems to treat it as just another re-education. In the book, he clearly is impressed by Winston and treats him almost as a peer, even though he is still loyal to Party doctrine. Also, the movie took Julia out of the scene where they visit O'Brien, and therefore leaves out the part where they agree to commit all sorts of atrocities to bring down the party, which is an important point when O'Brien and Winston meet in the Ministry of Love. Also, what was up with that green field? Maybe I just didn't get what the movie was trying to show with that. Finally, I was a bit miffed at the ending. There was far too much interaction between Winston and Julia at the chess table, even though the point that they can no longer care about one another was made. And the movie omitted the daydream-sequence of Winston getting shot at the very end. But even accounting for those few forgivable flaws, it was a great adaptation, and viewed solely as a movie it would be perfect.Novel Story OverviewAs Winston Smith entered his apartment building, he passed a familiar poster. "It was one of those pictures which are so contrived that the eyes follow you about when you move. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, the caption beneath it ran." Then Winston opened the door to his flat to be greeted by a voice on his...

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