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A Paper Written About Art In The Renisance Era! "The Wedding Portrate".

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Renaissance, the French word meaning "rebirth" was to reveal the new way of thinking for the Greek and Roman civilization. Renaissance, series of literary and cultural movements in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. These movements began in Italy and eventually expanded into Germany, France, England, and other parts of Europe. Participants studied the great civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome and came to the conclusion that their own cultural achievements. Their thinking was also influenced by the concept of humanism, which emphasizes the worth of the individual. Renaissance humanists believed it was possible to improve human society through classical education. This education relied on teachings from ancient texts and emphasized a range of disciplines, including poetry, history, rhetoric, and moral philosophy. Other than geography, there are many differences between the Italian Renaissance and the Northern Europe Renaissance.The North used Gothic art and architecture much more than The Italian. The north had fewer centers of free commerce than did Italy. The social changes in Italy were inspired, as we learned by humanism. Italian artists, writers and philosophers were driven to study classical antiquity and explore man's supposed capacity for normal choice. They believed that humanism led to more dignified and worthy humans. In the north change was brought about by a different motivation. Thinking minds in the north were more concerned with religious reform, feeling that Rome had strayed too far from Christian values. In fact, as northern Europe became more openly rebellious over the authority of the Church, art took a...

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