A Paper Written Based On My Observations From An Article I Read By Frederic Engels.

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The First ManJelani JohnsonI read a piece by Frederick Engels that went over the evolution of man through labor, and practice. He talked about what set us apart from animals, and his beliefs about how we came to be the way we are now. Where did we begin to take strides towards civilization? How is it that we have such advanced technology and practices now?The piece I read talked about the evolution of man. Engels did not believe in creationism, or fully in Darwin's theory either. He believed that apes evolved into man from labor. The constant use of the hand over time developed into the hands we have today. There were some apes that abandoned the act of constantly climbing trees and starting walking erectly on their two legs. From there, the hand became free to carry out different tasks of labor. Over long periods of time, labors changed, making the hands more useful and evolved. Then different tasks of practice and labor arose. Speaking and reasoning evolved with the natural challenges of life. Engels stated that: "in a sense, we have to say that labour created man himself." I believe somewhat in what he says. In his piece he said that animals act only for present gratification, and act not caring about future consequences. I do not believe in this. Right now, we take action only worrying about our present and not about our future. Does this make us animals? There are many parts of his piece that I do not agree with but I do believe that from the early practices (or labor) of the ape, theories came into being of how to further promote growth among them. The practices of those theories evolved their cultures, and got closer and closer to civilization. What effectively contributed to the beginnings of civilization were the processes of theory and practice. Which came first? Well in most cases practice does. By accidental happenings in the past, (practice) we now have theories to create more advanced technology with. For example, the invention of the match would never have been...

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