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A Parallel Solution Essay

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Since 1960, the exportation of REM (Rare Earth Minerals) has become the oil of the 21st century: fully accompanied with problems of supply and trade. China, being the most abundant contributor of REM (93%-97%), has pushed its decision to the brim by restricting the supply of this most wanted good on industrious nations. In so, how would these countries react towards each other under this crisis? Actors may fail to coöperate eve when their interests are entirely identical. Therefore, by analyzing this crisis, Robert Keohane’s book After Hegemony would through the following outline of theoretical ideas would explain why importing governments of REM would go through difficulties to reach coöperation: The Prisoner’s Dilemma and Defection, Transaction Costs, and the compliance within International Regimes. Having stated the obstacles that states might encounter in the international arena to reach coöperation, Robert Konhane would then recommend a course of action based on the modification of existing international regimes. By doing so, these states, on the basis of shared interests, might be able to facilitate negotiations that would lead them to beneficial agreements in the absence of hegemony. According to Robert Keohane, the Prisoner’s Dilemma becomes the dominant strategy for an egoistic individual (state) to defect as it follows its self-interests and is guided by its rational behavior. If the USA decides that instead of making arrangements with other industrious countries (that are as well much dependent on these elements) and follow its own interest to secure its stability in terms of having REM, its opponents (1: Japan) then do whatever the USA did on the last move resulting in retaliation. According to Robert Keohane, retaliation being the outcome of collective action consists of states: privatizing some of what they provide (REM), trying individually to save themselves and competing for available resources (REM). Keohane refers to “privatizing some of what they provide” as follows: The American mining firm Molycorp could try to restart what was one of the world’s main sources of REM in California. This may persuade others to follow. Keohane refers to “individually to save themselves” and “competition for available resources” as follows: USA concentrating on countries that are willing to supply REM like Canada and in regions like in South America. The main goal would be to find and develop a chain supply in these regions for the advantage of the USA. If the consuming countries were unable to solve the dilemma of deterring, they could contribute to an even more severe price crisis on this “good” like in the oil crisis of 1973-1974. Without the establishing of an International Regime and the notion that states are not bounded to an international centralized government, According to Robert Keohane, it is less convenient to make arrangements outside a regime than inside one. This is so, because it increases the transaction costs to bring about...

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