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A Party On Friday The 13th: Short Story

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So it began in a small town in Maine. Emily and Jenny were in ninth grade and Friday the 13th was coming up.
“Jenny! We should throw a party on Friday the 13th! My parents are still on their cruise!” Emily said excitedly.
“That sounds awesome! I’ll come up of a list of people and what we need to get!” Jenny said.
“Hmmmm,”Jenny thought to herself.
The next day at lunch, Jenny read showed the list to Emily, and began to read it off.
“Who to invite: Emily, Abbey, Jennifer, Allen, Cody, Sarah, Ethan...”
The list went on and on. Later that night Jenny and Emily went to the grocery store to pick up some food and drinks.
When Jenny and Emily got home they set up decorations and picked out some scary movies they could watch in the living room. Then the doorbell rang. Someone was at the door, but the party started at 8:00, and it was 7:00.
“J-Jenny?” Emily said nervously.
“W-Who’s at the door?” Jenny asked.
“We’re home!” said Emily’s parents at the door.
When Emily’s parents walked in the house they noticed all of the decorations, and asked what they were for. Emily said they were for a welcome home party for them, but just then people that were invited rung the doorbell. Emily’s dad, Brian, opened up the door and saw a herd of 20-30 kids on the porch. All of the teenagers ran in, and started dancing while Emily’s parents were still there. One of the boys named Kevin turned on the music really loud, and Brian went over and turned it off.
“Everyone leave MY HOUSE NOW!” Brian said. Emily and Jenny didn’t know what to think.
The next day at school none of Emily’s friends talked to her, sat next to her at lunch or in class. Not even Jenny would sit next to Emily. Emily texted Jenny and asked her if she hated her because of her parents stopping the party like that, but Jenny never responded. Emily went home, and then went up to her room. She checked her Myface, and noticed all of her friends posting stuff on her Myface like, you’re a loser, and your parents are losers too. Emily didn’t talk about with her parents, and instead of...

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