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A Peek At Lo A’s Grand Future

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A Peek at LoA's Grand FutureBy: Lady Gabriele Anne GutierrezA man of great visions! Indeed, my interviewee really is. With his never-ending visions for Lyceum of Alabang, Dr. Danilo V. Ayap's biggest enemy to carry out his future plans for our school is time. But to have an opportunity to talk with a man who is at the helm of Lyceum of Alabang is something I consider as a herculean task - a fait accompli.It took me ages, so to speak, to finally talk to the man whose plans and visions for LoA are the main ingredients of my overdue article for this paper. Our newspaper adviser has reprimanded me a couple of times for not producing result on time. However, I have to explain that my interview appointment with my subject has been postponed and rescheduled beyond my control.And, finally, it happened! My face-to-face moments with our school chairman materializes at the time I least expected it. Much as I was celebrating deep inside, my external and internal emotions seem uncontrollable. Butterflies started to rumble in my stomach as I find my way to his office that one quiet afternoon.My guardian angel must be holiday-ing at our school when I entered his office. With a broad smile all over his face, Dr. Danilo V. Ayap welcomed me to his cool, spacious and homey office. His table top is cluttered with so many papers, important documents I am sure. "Those papers surely need his complete attention, yet look at this person --- he can still manage to put on a smile and projects an aura of a happy and jolly person. Cooolllllll.For my opening salvo, I told him that during my first months here, I hear a lot of construction noises --- here, there, and everywhere annoy me sometimes. "What are those on-going constructions?" With still the remnant of a smile on his face, he retorted, "In preparation for the K-to-12."It never dawned on me that those annoying noises are his advance...

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