A Penny And Its Real Value To Society

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While the penny is only worth one cent what is it worth to millions of Americans who had relatives fighting in the civil war, or that were slaves in that time period? Pennies mean more than just currency it has a very important value in history. Yes the penny may be the lowest type of currency here in the U.S, but its sentimental value means more to Americans than the value to businesses.
Many of Americans view the every day penny as only one cent that carries only little to no value, which is why they wind-up stashed away at the back of drawers. What most people don’t have a clue is the value it once held back in the days where a can of coke was about one cent. Our very own citizens who once fought battles and came home scarred knew that the penny wasn’t just one cent, it was the blood shed, their fallen brothers, and the never ending tears that symbolized one single Lincoln. Pennies are worth more than their currency, they are the history of our home and the beginning of where we stand today.
Why should the penny be abolished? Because it is only worth one cent, Or like Mark Lewis quotes Neena Moorjani in his article Ban The Penny “It’s practically useless in everyday life.” Well I beg to differ; the penny is worth much more than one cent because it shows a great moment in American history. It has sentimental value to American culture, and shows a change that occurred in the American point of view for blacks. Abolishing the penny can only get us so far. The U.S would save money by not making them, but would that not mean that we have to round up every payment? That is where the nickel comes in making things four cents more expensive will really have shoppers thinking about the things they buy. Now the sales would not rise because of the change in price, so it will do absolutely nothing to the...

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