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A People A Nation Unit 4 Assignment 4 Notes Clague/Apush Assignment

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Population Growth:
-Between 1800-1825, US population doubled, resulting in a high birthrate
-By 1830, immigrants arriving from Europe (mainly from GB or Germany) supplemented the growth
-African Americans and American Indians grew despite the ban on slave importation
-As a percentage of total population, nonwhites declined from almost 20% in 1790 to 15% in the 1850s
-By the 1830s, almost 1/3rd of the population lived west of the Alleghenies, and old and new urban areas were growing rapidly
-An efficient network of interconnecting roads and canals for moving people, raw materials, and manufactured goods was vital for the development of a national and industrial economy
-Lancaster Turnpike connected Philadelphia with the rich farmlands around Lancaster
-Its success stimulated the construction of other privately built and relatively short toll roads that by the mid-1820s, connected most of the country’s major cities
-Construction of highways that crossed state lines were unusual because states’ righters blocked the spending of federal funds on internal improvements, despite the need for interstate roads
-An exception was the National, or Cumberland road, a major route to the west from Maryland to Illinois. Completed in the 1850s, using both federal and state money, with different states receiving ownership of segments of the highway
-The completion of the Erie Canal in NY in 1825 was a major event in linking the economies of western farms and eastern cities
-Stimulated economic growth, and caused many more canals to be built in other states
-Canals joined together all of the major lakes and rivers east of the Mississippi
-Improved transportation meant lower food prices in the East, more immigrants settling in the West, and stronger economic ties between the two sections
-Age of mechanized steam-powered travel began in 1807 with the successful voyage up the Hudson River of the Clermont
-Commercially operated steamboat lines soon made a round-trip shipping on the Nation’s great rivers both faster and cheaper
-First US railroad lines in the late 1820s
-By the 1830s they were competing directly with canals as an alternative method for carrying passengers
-The combination of railroads with other major transportation improvements greatly benefitted the economy of smaller western towns
Growth of Industry:
-By the mid-19th century, US manufacturing surpassed agriculture in value, and by the century’s end, it was the world’s leader. The rapid industrial growth was the result of a unique combination of factors
Mechanical Inventions:
-Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in 1793, and devised a system for making rifles out of interchangeable parts during the War of 1812
-Interchangeable parts became the basis for mass production methods in the new northern factories
Corporations for Raising Capital:
-In 1811, NY passed a law that made it easier for a business to raise capital by selling shares of stock...

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