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A Perception And Motivation Study Among Married Adults

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Research Article Critique: Forgiveness: A perception and motivation study among married adults

The article is endeavors to observe the possible correlation between general forgiveness (actually forgiving) and perceptions of forgiveness (a belief in the concept). This is a summary analyzing the credibility of the article. The summary includes a brief overview and critique of the title, abstract, literature review, methodology, a review of results and discussion, and possible improvements to the study. The title and abstract were brief and concise. Methodology used to acquire data was credible, but needs improvement. Discussion and results were presented in an applicable manner. An overall consensus of the article is that it presents a first step in the study of forgiveness, but, the nature of forgiveness needs further clarification, if to be use as a useful technique in psychotherapy.

Research Article Critique: Forgiveness: A perception and motivation study among married adults
The article Forgiveness: A perception and motivation study among married adults as a study that’s purpose is the ability to quantitatively measure forgiveness and its ability to use as a tool in psychotherapy. The method in which author’s measure forgiveness is derived by the assessment of married couple’s perception of forgiveness as it relates to marital longevity. The end result is a positive correlation between perception of forgiveness and general forgiveness.
Critique of Title and Introduction
The article, according to the title, is attempting to observe the possible correlation between general forgiveness (actually forgiving) and perceptions of forgiveness (a belief in the concept). The label exemplifies a straightforward title, listing exactly what the research is about. This allows the ability to be subject specific, outlining the research aimed at a specific audience. The title identifies the types of individuals who participated, married adults, the subject to be studied, forgiveness, and the variables to be addressed, perceptions and motivation. Overall the title is succinct and to the point, choosing not to be overly creative, which can create ambiguity.
The abstract is very austere, and very brief in the description of the study. The language used is technical jargon, with no descriptive characteristics other than the tests that were used, descriptive analysis and t-tests, clarifying the number of participants including some demographics and world origin, Flanders region in Belgium. Methodology is presented in the tests used and subjects of married and remarried adults. Highlights present in the abstract are the results of general forgiveness has a significant, (p < 0.001), positive correlation with the perception of forgiveness.
Even though the effectiveness of the abstract is very strong the length and the lack of descriptive language was discouraging. This may be because it...

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