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A Perfect Score: Effective Ways To Study For A Test

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Most college students are piled with difficult work each week. Collection of assignments, are stack carefully on the students desk ready to be completed. Let alone, a history professor later mentions that a test will be assigned in less than two days. The test makes a college student drown in caffeine;therefore, canceling all his plans due to planning a long marathon of studying. But luck has come along and studies of straight A’s students have shown effective ways to study for a test, which includes the steps of taking effective notes, finding a place to study, and reviewing for a test for a only a short length of time.
To start of, the first step to study is to take good notes. Taking good notes on a computer will decrease the time of studying, by being able to the complete notes without worrying about not being able to understand handwriting. In this book, How to Become a Straight -A Student. Cal Newport, a graduate student who earned thirty-six straight A’s in a row, explains the significance of note taking on a computer. “[y]ou type much faster than you write, so the laptop will allow you to record more points in more detail. This increased detail and readability will make it easier to study come test time[...]” (Newport 68). Taking notes on a computer will save students time for reviewing for a test. People type faster than they can write, creating an unequal balance between the both methods. In todays college classes, more than seventy percent of students take notes on the computer due to the effectiveness readability and the way you can fix and structure with color clearly the main ideas the professor wanted to engaged. Also, taking notes with “question, evidence, and conclusion” will help you create a perfect study guide for the future. In the previous book mention before, Newport suggests they right way for note taking, for future studying nights. “[t]he key to doing well in these courses is straightforward: Identify the big ideas. That’s what it all comes down to. Exams in nontechnical courses focus entirely on big ideas [....]” (Newport 70). College students struggle on learning the right way of note taking, some believe if student write word for word they will have the lecture written on paper and have every single concept to study upon on. Nethertheless, Newport describes that method “impossible” and “counterproductive.” College students need to learn to take effect of the “question, evidence, conclusion” method, it draws a better image and understanding of all the main topics of the lecture. Much less, taking notes in the students own words can create a better understanding of the topic and could lead to studying less later. In an article stated in a website, Greatschools Staff, gives suggestions to students to take notes in their own words to understand the notes more clearly, “learn to...

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