A Member Of The Butswana Task Force, Who Was Sent To Analyze And Evaluate The Living Conditions And Way Of Life Of The Ju/Wasi People In Southern Africa.

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As a member of the Butswana task force, who was sent to analyze and evaluate the living conditions of the Ju/wasi people in Southern Africa, I have developed my own theological opinion on whether improvements should be imposed on this tribe. After reading about some history of the Ju/wasi people and touring their homeland, I have come to the conclusion that "civilizing" and industrializing these people will not be beneficial for them. According to their hunting and gathering subsistence, they have a very high yield of food production with very little energy expended, mainly due to the fact that food happens to be quite abundant in their area. They do not appear to ever run out of food due to the occasional giraffe, antelope and other large, along with small game. In addition they do not appear to take preservation of food measures into their daily account since woman gathered berries and other vegetation every third or fourth day.Overall, the Ju/wasi spent approximately 20 hours a week gathering food. Considering this fact, as well as their social independence, referring to limited political institutions, these people lived simply, sufficiently and without many hardships. The Ju/wasi lived around water holes which supplied them with fresh water. They wandered as far as 6 miles away from these water holes in search of food. It came to my mind when evaluating these people that if the government should settle the Ju/wasi in permanent villages, dig wells to ensure a steady water supply, distribute domesticated animals to ensure a ready food supply, and introduce modern health services the Ju/wasi people would lose their consistent benefit from nature. I believe that while there is sufficient land...

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