A Personal Analysis Of Jimmy Bacca's Coming Into Language

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My life was a mess at the beginning. It all started in the year 2007. I was in grade 7 at that time. I used to be that boy who loved to sit with his friends play around and laugh on stupid jokes just to have fun. Almost everything changed that year nothing stayed the same again. I enjoyed my time a lot with my friends never saw that day coming. That they will all turn against me just because I refused to give them the homework on a Sunday morning. I used to give them the homework all the time. However this time it was different. The homework would have a huge effect on my final grade. I was scared that’s why I never gave them the paper. I felt that change like a wound deeply in me that really hurts I got stabbed by them for more than ten times. My friends who were my second family in school became my enemies unworthy of my trust anymore. It’s funny how the world really spins in a way that even if you get stabbed more than once you keep going on and on. I knew that they were capable of destroying anytime I gave up. I felt frustrated at first from them but I continued my way alone I gathered my strength again. What was similar to my life and Jimmy Baca life was simple determination that held us together, without determination we could face our struggles and issues and over came them. Me and Jimmy Baca wanted to prove something that was very simple which was that we both deserve to live with respect cause we deserve it, we aren’t saying that we are better than everyone else me and Jimmy Baca are saying it out loud we deserve respect that was our ultimate goal.
I didn’t get respect in school. Trying to achieve that goal was hard because of the obstacles I faced in life. That made me struggle a lot in some cases yes I suffered I was humiliated. I mentioned before that I was a playful harmless kid. All I wanted was to have fun with friends. It is almost impossible to live in a society like school with no friends, Or having friends that are waiting for you to surrender so that they could destroy you and keep on laughing on you. I had couple of loyal friends who stood back at them defending me. Saying that I don’t have any hard feeling towards them all I wanted is to sit and have some fun with them. They ignored me more than once. They used to blame me for everything. I could see that hatred flashing out like lightning from there innocent eyes. All I did was sat there and blamed myself asking myself do I deserve all of this what did I do? Conspiracies were surrounding me all the time. I could feel it in the air so I had to be careful all the time. The hard times came closer as time passed they used to talk between each other on me and then stare at me and start laughing at me for no reason. I got depressed from because I felt like a stranger at home, which was school.

What did I keep in mind? 4 years past since that day. That turned my life to drift to the left a bit. I was then punched many times then I ever could count and bullied by...

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