A Personal Essay On: My First Piano Concert

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Music is a part of everyone's life. One way or another, everyone will eventually develop a taste in music, in their favorite genre of music. It's never clear why people start taking an interest in a certain kind, what makes it strike a chord within us, but such reasons seem irrelevant. It can start off by the randomly placed hum or whistle during the day, or the persistent lyrics, clawing their way to your mind's surface. Then, before you know it, you own all the compact disks, and know about three quarters of the artist in that genre.I do not like to say I have a favorite type. As an artist I have respect for all which is music, but also as an artist I have a genre which passions me most. It all goes back to my first piano concert. Something occurred inside of me during those brief moments that captivated my soul, trapping it in a world of music having gained its culture over the years.It was then that I truly understood these composers, what pushed them to achieve greater standards. Something as unique as to connect with the audience through sound and flood the contents of your heart upon their ears, has its own set of rewards in and of itself. It is the ultimate release.I had been practicing that piece for months. My teacher assured me that everything would go well, that I had an especially good chance of winning."I'm telling you, you can do it. Just play as you played in practice. If you get hesitant or distracted, just "unfocus" and let your fingers flow." She said with a slight French accent."But what if -""No buts! Just do it" she cut me off."But you no how much trouble I have at that specific crescendo, what if-""No 'what if 's either! God you remind me of me at my first piano concert.""Yeah but all I need is just, maybe, a few minutes. If I work at it it'll be perfect!." I have to admit, when it comes to such things, I usually did extremely well. I could work through pieces like nothing, but when I got to a difficult part, I just worked and worked at it and there was never any doubt in my mind I would fail."You just described what it is to be talented. Even in the hard times, nothing will stop you. What others wish they could do, you can without even a thought. Just play from here," she tapped my heart and my hands," not from here" she finished by knocking on my head.At that point I still wished I would have spent extra time on the piece. I had been so eager to learn it that I could almost feel as if the information had been crammed in, not properly encoded.We had chosen Canon in D major, my favorite piece. Sitting there, anxiously waiting my name to be called by the master of ceremonies was still a bit to deal with. Not only was I waiting to play in front of a public made up of the families of all the eighty-five contestants, but I also had to be tortured by listening to those eighty-five students drill their fingers on that piano, flaunting their talent. Every time I silently prayed I would sound as perfect. I don't know what it is...

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