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A Personal Experience In Classroom Management

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During my Professional Seminar II and Field Experience I observed in Allie Gardner’s 4th grade classroom. During this observation I witnessed the effects of a learning environment that was designed by the students for the students.
I was exposed to a classroom that was very diverse and learned the importance of teaching for learner differences. Not are students are the same and when the needs of a classroom are not being met the students can quickly become frustrated and deterred from learning. When the student’s needs are being met they are able to interact with their peers without the frustration and with guidance can maintain a safe learning environment.
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Classroom management is meant to deter disruptive behavior that can degrade a safe and positive learning environment that decreases academic engagement and essentially decreases student motivation. I believe in order to have a positive learning environment you have a safe learning environment. Mrs. Gardner uses PBIS, Positive Behavior Intervention Supports, which focuses on rewarding positive behavior not punishing negative behavior using research-based and validated interventions. Fundamentally the framework provides early interventions by modeling positive behaviors and providing clear behavioral expectations. The more the teacher acknowledges and praises the positive behavior the negative behavior becomes less prevalent.
The characteristics of effective instruction contribute to healthy human relations by encouraging collaboration and cooperation with others. Student-centered classrooms are a contributor to the cause. Students are to be empowered by being directly involved and invested in their learning creating motivation for the class as they engage in experiential learning through themselves and their...

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