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A Personal Reflection On Doing The Right Thing

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A few weeks ago someone walked up to me in church and said, “Linda you always do the right thing.” It was something that I never expected, nor ever thought about. Today, someone in Oakland, California just told me the same thing after asking me where I had been for the past year. This time it really made me think. Do we really need a purpose in this life, and does doing the right thing give you power?

My life has always been about pleasing people and making sure they are all right. That is just the way I am and I will never change. I guess what seems wrong to me can be right to someone else. That's reality! If something feels unacceptable, I deal with it differently. Being self-righteous ...view middle of the document...

The priest and the Levite both knew that God commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves, yet they passed by on the other side. It was the Samaritan who helped the traveler, which is interesting because in John’s gospel it notes that Jews have no dealings with Samaritans. Jesus uses this parable to remind the lawyer that his question (“who is my neighbor?”) does not allow exceptions. We are not supposed to pick and choose who is our neighbor. If God even calls us to love our enemies, the very people who are the most opposed to us, how does that leave any room for exceptions?

I would urge all of God’s people to remember this. Let’s do things the way Jesus would have done them or not at all. Love is the healing balm that this world needs, but love also warns and rebukes. Unfortunately many people would call us judgmental for this, but even Jesus found it necessary to overturn tables and bring strong rebuke sometimes. I dont care if my future is long or short as long as I am doing the right thing. It's called not being selfish

Well, one traditional view is that this world is a proving ground for our souls and when we get to heaven we get the reward for living right It isn't about something called religion and how it makes us thinks and what it makes us do. It's about self-reflection.

When you're caught up in the storm or, you know, just the turmoil of everything that there is another side and you do get through it. And you know, just standing by the truth and doing the right thing. I know it s not going to affect the world.. but I affects me
What seems wrong can be right to someone else. That's reality! If something feels unacceptable, deal with it differently. Being self-righteous over behavior you disagree with creates unnecessary stress. Lectures about good behavior often fall on deaf ears. Once I accepted reality Well, one traditional view is that this world is a proving ground for our souls and when we get to heaven we get the reward for living right It isn't about something called religion and how it...

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