A Personal Reflection On The Liminal Spaces In Life

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Chuck Wendig has said writing the middle of a novel is the hardest task. He calls it the mushy middle. Others call it the sagging middle. Liminality are the in-between moments. It is often an interval of tribulation, of halt and alteration. Your old habits, beliefs and even personal identity deteriorates. In that moment of liminality, you have the chance to become someone new. Liminal space is the middle of every great story. In movies, it is the period you find that there is a twist in the plot. Change happens through liminal space, which is the period of alteration and transformation. The word, liminal means “threshold”. It can relate to a transition from childhood to adulthood, the time between wounded and healing, the transition from life to death. From personal experience, I can say I went through a period of liminality. Liminality to me included me transitioning from one culture to another. The period between the end of high school and the beginning of college was a liminal space for me. For me, this liminality involved me moving away from home to another country to study. It involved me breaking ties with friends, saying our goodbyes and also involved a period of transformation. This experience has transformed me into the independent, self reliant person I am today.
To think of my experience of liminality on a broad scale, I connected it to globalization which is the diffusion of commodities and ideas, cultures and traditions all over the world. I wanted to learn about how globalization and education were connected and how it affected learning and education. The significance of globalization is in the eyes of the beholder. Globalization brings about social change. Globalization has cultural, political and economic implications. It involves the strengthening of organizations, the homogenization and hybridization of cultures and the expansion of communication as well as transport. All facets of our modern world have been impacted by globalization. Our jobs, our culture, even our relationships with one another are all shaped by globalization. Even education nowadays are impacted by globalization. Educational systems all over the world are imitating and impersonating and borrowing curriculum from each other. From my experience, In high school, my school was always try to draw from the west and incorporating and impersonating ideas from the western view of the world. This can be pointed to the process of globalization that is occurring throughout the world. As I progressed through the stages of high school, I noticed how the teaching methods as well as assessment methods changed over time. Children in school today, whether it be Bali, Beijing, Beirut, Boston or Beuno Aires will experience a world today that is different from that of their grandparents. The forces of globalization are changing the world we know of today. Our youth, families as well as educational systems are all being challenged.
Globalization and vast migration are changing...

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