A Personal Reflection Paper Of Teaching & Learning

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People is unique product. Differences in background, education, experience, intention make peoples different. You, me, my friends, your colleagues, everyone have different idea, life style, working style, learning style, and teaching style. The followings are my own reflections of learning and teaching based on my experience, moreover, they can be changed along the life.

First Learning Style
When I studied in bachelor of engineering, I used to get A from one subject that I only sit in the class and listen to the instructor. I used to get A from one subject that I really do not know what it is for. There is one subject I really understand, but I got C.
“What do you want from studying? Transcript or Knowledge?”
“What is more important?”
At that time, I could not exactly answer these questions. But, the majority tends to be the transcript. Because I did not clearly understand what I wanted, my style still did not clear at that time.

First Teaching Style
My first teaching style was the pure lecture from the standard textbook, step-by-step, topic-by-topic, and chapter-by-chapter. There were not any activities added into the teaching process. Because the most Thai students are shine and worry about saying right or wrong, this is the big beerier for class discussion. So, knowledge was transferred in only one-way communication. However, experience cam improve the teaching techniques. When I did the research in the topic I interest, I had more information and samples for adding in teaching. I added some VDO for helping students more understand the topic. I recorded some explanation and uploaded to the online media for students who absented or misunderstood in class. I added some mini-project to let students applied the knowledge to solve the real problem. However, the problem my teaching style was its structural thinking. That was good for an engineering field, but should be better if the creative thinking was added.

Second Learning Style
My learning style was changed when I studied MBA that I aimed to study by myself. I did not worry about the grade and transcript because I did not want to find a new job. I just only wanted to understand the business knowledge. Interestingly, if you focus on the knowledge, you will want to do/listen/try/practice everything. Now, I cannot remember the GPA from MBA studying, but I understand and use many knowledge from it in my lecture and research. In addition, studying MBA can expand the vision from the structural side to the creative side.

Second Teaching Style
The idea from studying MBA was applied to engineering class. The teaching style was changed to more focus on the outcome (called problem based) (Prince and Felder, 2007). We started from the output, then provide the knowledge and method used to solve the problem. Case study was more used to motivate the student to learn the fundamentals for solution finding. Case study and design project could improve the creative skill because there were not only one...

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