A Personal Model Of Leadership Essay

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Through identification and ongoing assessment of her leadership style and ability this leader is able to develop and understand her own strengths and limitations in order to grow and develop into a more effective leader. The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of servant leadership, contingency, path-goal styles leadership to gain an understanding of current leadership models, identify this author’s style of leadership and explore why leadership is important to organizations, society and this author.
A Personal Model of Leadership
Servant leadership was a term that was first used by Keifner Greenleaf(1970) in his first essay, The Servant as Leader (as cited by Crippen, C., 2005). Greenleaf based his essay on his belief that a servant leader is a servant first, and explained that it would begin with the natural urge to serve and then the leader would make a conscious choice to become a leader, in doing so he makes the choice to ensure that others needs are met first (2005 ). As a servant leader develops he should always keep aware of those who he serves and strive to ensure that they are becoming healthier, wiser, freer, have an increase in autonomous, and are become more like servants themselves (2005). Leaders and organizations can use the principles of servant leadership to frame decisions, and service that include focus on the community, care of others and quality services (Waterman, R., 2011). Watermen states that working to higher purpose increases standards, integrity and should lead the followers through supports, shared visions and bring followers together in toward a common purpose to provide service to others.
Contingency theory asserts that a leader will be effective based on the level of control that the leader has over situations as well as on obtaining a level of power. Leadership effectiveness is dependent on the relationship between the leader and the followers and can be effective if the leader is popular or authoritative in situations depending on the experiences and expectations of the employees (Schultz, D., Schultz, S., 2010). Although the contingency theory has merit and is valued in many organizations this author feels that servant leadership and path-goal theory is better suited to this author in her work with an Assertive Community Treatment team for a community mental health center. In an ACT team is important that the staff have the skills and confidence they need as they go into the community to provide services and make decisions working with consumers with severe persistent mental illness. In order to provide support and assist the staff in building their confidence and developing skills needed in their jobs the servant leadership style and path-goal theory of leadership provides the best approach to leadership for an ACT team.
The path-goal theory’s focus is on the leader’s behavior that can allow for the employees to reach personal and organizational...

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