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A Personification Essay About Being A Alarm Clock.

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I have the worst job in the world. It is the worst job because I have the worst boss is the universe. As much as I want to like and enjoy my occupation and my boss, I believe that the man is a ruthless and evil man. Before I am categorized as another lazy immigrant, allow me to explain my case. There is no doubt that I am close to being a forgotten victim of slavery.As mentioned, I am an immigrant; I am a alarm clock born in China. There were thousands of children in my family. I didn't even know all of my own brothers and sisters before I was sent to America for work. I knew that I would not see any family heritance because of its size; however, I hoped to find a happy life in America by taking pride in my work and doing my best. That is all I have done while I've been here in America.The day Blake came to purchase me was a great day. I was so tired of sitting on the shelf of the store; no one in China told me that I would have to wait so long before I could go to work. I was excited to meet Blake because I was looking forward to working for him and I was thankful for him taking me from that awfully boring store. Blake did not seem as excited; as a matter of fact, he seemed as if he were performing an inconvenient chore. I didn't let Blake's attitude effect me that day because I had been looking forward to work for so long.Blake took me home and plugged me into his wall. As soon as I entered the wall, I felt a great shot of energy shoot through my body. I had almost forgotten the feeling of electricity because I hadn't felt it since I was first given life. Blake then calibrated me to his time zone and I began to work. I swore right then to Blake, that as long as I remained in the wall, I would be ready to tell him the correct time at any moment. That is my job, to tell time and to give wake up calls upon request, and I take it very seriously. My time and wake up calls are never incorrect.The summer was very quiet with work. There were no wake up request and Blake didn't seem to ever be concerned with the time. Then school began, I found that school time would be my busiest time of the year. The night before Blake's first day he punched in his first wake up request, it was for seven in the morning. The extreme excitement combined with weary nerves from the anticipation of my first assignment was unbearable. It seemed to take forever for seven o'clock to come; however, the wake...

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