A Persuasive Book Report. The Book: The Eleventh Commandment By Jeffery Archer.

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The Eleventh CommandmentAn apple a day keeps the doctor away. Similarly, reading everyday keeps McDonalds away. Yes, it has been proven that reading is one of the best ways to enhance one's brainpower. For the most part people read books of their individual interests and understanding. The school system, however, hampers this process at times. For many individuals, reading is something enjoyable that is done at the person's own pace. Yet, the school system often forces certain readings on students. This lack of individuality can make students want to give up reading as a hobby completely. Although reading is an important part of schooling, students should have input as to what literature is used. One suggestion for a work of British literature to be used is Jeffrey Archer's The Eleventh Commandment. With the author's personal problems aside, The Eleventh Commandment, through fast action, no wasted words, and a plot is difficult to figure out, Archer's book would be perfect for the task at hand.Right out of the gate, the book draws the reader in like a child in a candy store. Unlike many of the works of British Literature, The Eleventh Commandment uses the tactic of a hastened pace to attract readers, creating almost a John Grisham like atmosphere. The Denver Post described the book in this way: "Archer is a master at building political intrigue and crafting interesting and multilayered characters." Without giving away the book, the very first page starts off with the main character, Connor Fitzgerald completing his task for the CIA: assassinating a political leader in South America. Almost getting caught, Fitzgerald seems to be able to get his feet back on the ground. Archer, though, manages to throw in a few twists making the book not only unpredictable, but also like a bad habit that you can't get rid of. After all, the writing style is not as refined as Shakespeare is. Yet, it offers the satisfaction that many books brought up in curriculum of British Literature do not, a quick, exciting, and gripping plot. There are few books of British authors that offer this kind of experience. Many times, however, an American author would be expected write a book such as this. The Eleventh Commandment shows that British Literature does indeed have an exiting side, rather than the bland nature, yet exceptional writing style, of books like Dorian Gray.Many times when someone tries to write a thriller, time is wasted on unnecessary topics. For instance, why focus on the length of a man's mustache when the next topic can be introduced, helping to the reader enthralled and mentally stimulated. News Editor at CNN Headline News, L.D. Meagher, had this to say, "There isn't a word wasted in "The Eleventh Commandment." That is the plain truth when it comes to this book. Archer seems to have found a way to tell a story with out...

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