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A Persuasive Essay For The Use Of Stem Cells For Research.

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Many people have not been fully informed on the topic of human pluripotent stem cell research. Most American have heard a lot on one side, and very little on the other. Hence, they have not and can not fully evaluate the facts and can only give snap decisions, according to Having heard extensive lectures on both sides, I believe that embryonic stem cell research shows great promise in bettering the medical and scientific community. I agree with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (also known as the AAAS) when theybelieve that stem cell research should be legally and ethically accepted. Using stem cell could reduce the dependence on organ donations and transplantations. In a survey posted on, a little more than seventy percent of all Americans support the question, "Do you favor the use of existing stem cells in research to cure ot treat dozens of serious diseases such as Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart disease, and Parkinson's disease?" Don't you think that it would good idea to help cure diseases? Well, most of the people in the United States do, too. There has to be something good about curing people.What exactally are stem cells? The Center for Bioethics and Human dignity states that the difination of them cell are the vital cells from whick all of the two hundred ten different kinds of tissue in the human body originate. And why are some people saying that it is not morally right? Most arguments on the topic of trem cell research are that to obtain stem cells, a scientist or embryologist must extract the cells from a human embryo. After the cells are extracted, the embryo is unable to grow and ultimately dies. Some scientists that work for the American Association for the Advancement of Science believe that stem cell research can co-exist with the Supreme Court's 1973 legalization of abortion. The same survey that was posted on, states that before hearing all sides of the stem cell argument, most people who consider themselves pro-lifers, strongly opposed embryonic stem cell research. After they took the time to hear the supporting sides, fifty-six percent of those pro-llifers now were in support of stem cell research. How many other people oppose stem cell research just because the haven't heard the supporting side? As Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research chairperson, Lawrence Soler says, "This survey shows beyond a doubt that the American people have a strong sense of the promise of embryonic stem cell research and that they want it to go forward." Having looked at all the statistics, myself, I strongly agree with all that this CAMR chairperson states.There are many people who think that stem cell research should be used because it can help treat prople who are suffering from some disease. These people believe that scientists should find alternative ways to obtian stem cells, other than extracting them from an embryo. Scientists and...

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