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A Persuasive Essay Must Be Written Based On This Question "Is Genetic Engineering Good Or Bad?" Give Examples, Evidence,...

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Persuasive Essay:Against EugenicsGenetic engineering or "eugenics" is a process using techniques of molecular cloning and transformation to alter the structure and characteristics of genes directly. Whereas traditional breeding, organism genes are manipulated indirectly. Therefore, choosing characteristics of the future generation is possible and guaranteed. In life, everything has its pros and cons. In this case, there is no prevention. Have you ever thought what our future world would be like? What will happen to the ingenuous people who could not afford genetic engineering? What will our world become when everyone is so called perfect and similar? Genetic engineering improves our lives but is it necessarily?For those who could not afford eugenics would have lack education, imperfect or so called "errors." Thus, chances of employments would be lower for them. They would have less chance of getting a job just because of their fate, because they are a "god child", born naturally without any scientific process or techniques involved. Even though they have worked and studied very hard all their life, they would not be treated fairly and as same as the people so called "perfect". Life would not be fair for them. There would be clear prejudice against them.Imagine a poor innocent child was keen on going to school like all other children but hence his family couldn't afford eugenics, he was not accepted to enter class. People fear that some sort of disease coming from an unhealthy body would spread. Treatments to this child would also be limited. How would this poor child feel? It was not his fault of being poor. He does not deserve having such a harsh life. He deserves a life just like everyone else.A film called "Gattaca" shows a possibility of results of eugenics in the near future. A world where the "valid" and the "in-valid" are treated differently. The classes between the valid and in-valid are separated clearly. The valid got to work in a company and had opportunity to go out of space. Whereas for the "in-valid", they have to work as cleaners like some kind of slave...

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