A Persuasive Paper About And For The Death Penalty.

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The idea of your life for a life; the vast majority of our population is in favor of the death penalty. For thousands of years it has been used as a punishment for crimes. Through government for crimes against the State to churches for crimes against their religions, "Impositions of the death penalty is extraordinarily rare. Since 1967 there has been one execution for every 1600 murders or 0.06%. There have been approximately 560,000 murders and 358 executions from 1967-1996." (UCR) As we continue the war on crime, two factors stand out: Ending all crime is impossible but controlling it is a must. Regardless of the voices of the Anti-Death Penalty Movement, the only control is deterrence, the only deterrence is control. With all the statistics on deterrence, economic ramifications and secure limitation on allowed appeals. The death penalty should remain the United States primary weapon against capital crime.Is the death penalty a successful deterrent and does it save the lives of innocent citizens? A question raised and argued for years in the past and still in the spotlight. For justice to be deterring, the severity of the punishment must outweigh the crime. With life in prison without the possibility of parole an inmate has no care if he kills again. This is very evident considering, "at the roughly 52,000 state prison inmates serving time for murder in 1984, an estimated 810 had previously been convicted of murder and had killed 821 persons and following their previous murder convictions. Executing each of these inmates would have saved 821 lives." (41, 1 Stanford Law Review, 11/88, Pd 153)We can then look at the number of convicted murderers that are either released too soon due to cases being overturned based on past conviction. New laws brought on by judicial decisions in other cases or even escape. It's not the executions that reduce murder rates but the reduction of the number of murders.Many other factors are argued about the death penalty including but not limited to the cost of life without parole "LOWP" vs. the death penalty. Opponents present, as facts, that the death penalty is so expensive (at least $2 million per case), that we must choose life without parole at a cost of $1 million for 50 years.Giacchino - 2 -Without a doubt the up front costs of the death penalty are higher than for an equivalent LWOP cases. There is also no question that over time "LWOP" cases become much more expensive.JFA states that in these estimates "It should be noted that we were intentionally generous in minimizing life costs within our analysis...JFA. As you have seen here more controversy on why opponents feel the death penalty should be abolished but when totaled up and a limitation being established for how long an inmate can stall his execution then that cost would be lower. Here it is shown that the death penalty is also an economically balanced way to deal with those who commit capitol crimes (JFA).In our United States Constitution an individual...

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1168 words - 5 pages For the Death Penalty Are we effectively punishing our most vile and baneful criminals? I believe some improvement to be necessary; the death penalty should be legalized in all states. The United States should utilize the capital punishment because it is economical and has deterring and incapacitating effects. While life with no parole sentencing is a valid alternative, the death penalty is in public favor, ruled as constitutional, is

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2151 words - 9 pages non-serious and non-violent crimes are completely able to be rehabilitated. However, in accordance with the law, the death penalty should be a sentencing option in juvenile criminal cases. It should only be an option when the crime committed is violent, premeditated, and malicious, because these offenders are beyond the possibility of rehabilitation and the risk of recidivism is too great. Rehabilitation is defined as “to bring a criminal into a

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796 words - 3 pages be treated with the same consequences.Some people think the death penalty is too high a price to pay for a juvenile who is just going through adolescence and who does not have the full mental capacity required to understand the punishment associated with committing a crime. Anti-death penalty types think that the death penalty is too cruel and inhumane a punishment for a juvenile that has committed a very cruel and inhumane crime, like murder, to

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1359 words - 5 pages death in the US".4 About one in fifty of the more than 3400 individuals on death row were convicted of crimes committed when they were below eighteen and in the last decade the government electrocution, gassing and lethal injecting of kids doubled. People in the United States should not be subjected to the death penalty since it is a human rights violation, and children do not have a high enough maturity level to fully understand their actions

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2107 words - 8 pages victims endure a more demure of style of cruel and unusual punishment; death by lethal injection has replaced the barbaric traditions of the past. Statistics prove that for many years the death penalty has fallen disproportionately on racial minorities in the United States. For example, since 1930 nearly 90% of those executed for the crime of rape in this country were African-Americans, and currently, about 50% of those on the nation's death rows

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985 words - 4 pages because a study shown shows that most juvenile convicts come from a broken home. The old saying goes “monkey see, monkey do.” I believe if these children would have had the chance of growing up in a stable family upbringing, there is a good chance that they would have been upstanding citizens. So my belief may be torn apart on the subject, I'm am going to have to say that I am against the death penalty for minors, because i believe they don not know what they do, because of a lack of immaturity and lack of experience in life.

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945 words - 4 pages legislators have created laws that specifically identify which crimes a person commits that can be punishable by the death penalty. The death penalty is seen as a deterrent to increasing and more serious crime. If members of the society know that if they commit serious crimes they could be put to death for it, they are less likely to commit these crimes. However, there is great disagreement in our society about whether it is a true deterrent to

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2443 words - 10 pages almost costs as much to put a criminal to death as it does to keep them in prison for life. In a recent study, it was found that it costs about $500,000 to put a person to death in California, and almost $750,000 in Maryland. (Rueter) Capital punishment has been used since the beginning of the United States. Several states have abolished the death penalty, finding it unconstitutional and inhumane. Only thirty-eight of the fifty states allow

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932 words - 4 pages evidence indicating racial disparities in the charging, sentencing and imposition of the death penalty.'In an article by Seligman (1994), Professor Joseph Katz of Georgia State 'and other scholars have made a separate point about bias claims based on the 'devalued lives' of murder victims.' Seligman also asserts that those claiming bias believe that it is in the race of the victim and not the race of the defendant, and because the lives of blacks have

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1293 words - 5 pages . Uncertainty of rehabilitation has been cited as a reason the death sentence should be upheld as it rids the society of a major threat permanently. What about criminals who have a chance of rehabilitation? Most pro-death penalty supporters would answer that they would not be willing to take the chance and it is not hard to see why they would say so given the cases of repeat offenders. Life imprisonment without parole, even for the worst criminals

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1053 words - 4 pages The legal definition of the death penalty is a sentence of execution for the crime including murder and some other capital crimes; serious crimes, especially murder, which are punishable by death. The earliest proof of the death penalty dates back to the Eighteenth Century B.C. in the Code of King Hammurabi of Babylon in which 25 crimes were codified. In 1972, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty was cruel and unusual punishment