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A Persuasive Speech About Sleep Deprivation Importance Of Good Night's Rest.

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Importance of Good Night's RestUsing your text book as a pillow rather than a reference can help your chances of getting a better grade. Then why do students believe that pulling an 'all-nighter' before an exam will increase their chances of getting an 'A'? It seems that in our society, sleep has come second to our daily routine, disregarding its importance for productivity. Many people are bogged down with errands, career issues and studying that sleep becomes overlooked. However, most of what we accomplish can be streamlined into more efficient productivity by one minor adjustment; a full-nights rest.According to the Journal of Nature Neuroscience, researchers have studied human memory by taking a PET scan of a group of people during REM-sleep, the type of sleep that occurs when you dream. The scans indicate that these people were activating the same regions of the brain that were activated when they were awake and learning a new task. This study suggests that getting a good-nights rest is more conducive to learning than attempting to 'cram' and memorize the night before. Therefore, forget about pulling an all-nighter for an exam.Many people fall victim to sleep deprivation. Children are among millions of sleep-deprived American youngsters. According to the Journal of Experimental Psychology, (March 1975) we know that sleep deprivation impedes the learning process. The necessary amount of sleep for children in elementary school is not the standard 8 hours many people may think. Nine to ten hours per night is the ideal amount for them to be more productive during their school day. Like adults, they suffer when they don't get enough sleep. They can't concentrate on their schoolwork, they have trouble remembering things, they may become irritable and fidgety, and they may be vulnerable to colds and flu.Until recently, the effects of partial sleep deprivation have been underestimated. Recent research has verified that chronic poor sleep results in daytime tiredness, difficulties with focused attention, low threshold to express negative emotion (irritability and easy frustration), and difficulty modulating impulses and emotions. These are the same symptoms that can earn kids the diagnosis of attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Studies are now showing that children are being mislabeled with ADD or ADHD when the real problem is chronic partial sleep deprivation.Sleep deprivation not only affects children but adults too. Adults feel they can do more--have more time for work and family--by allowing...

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