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A Ph.D. In Industrial/Organizational Psychology Essay

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A Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology


I intend to receive a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational psychology and I am interested in Central Michigan University because it offers applied practice through field experience and organizational internships. I have been told by many professionals that Central Michigan has excellent faculty and research facilities, as well as, provides a very thorough and effective foundation for work in the field. I intend to pursue a career in applied research and organizational consulting, therefore, these qualities are imperative to myself and my career.


Initially I plan to gain practical experience in the field through employment with a consulting firm. My long range objective is to acquire a teaching position with a college or university, while continuing research and consulting endeavors. It is my intention to contribute empirically based findings to the Industrial/Organizational psychology field through my research and practice. I also hope to be a strong influence and encouragement in students' lives through my contact with them during their academic careers.


I have acquired many skills through relevant work experience. Currently, I coordinate the National Annual Fund Telephone Campaign for the University of Northern Iowa, with a goal of raising $355,000 for the university. This job provides me with very useful experience in human resource and managerial processes, such as interviewing, hiring, training, performance appraisals, and motivation. Managing 40 telemarketers who get paid a base salary and no commission makes the use of proper motivational techniques vital.


Human resource internships have provided me with experience in completing physical job analyses and...

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